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A woman often changes men: why girls sort out guys

When they tell me that there are no real men left, I will say that there are almost no real girls either. Most modern girls dream of becoming bloggers or marrying a millionaire. And when you start talking about achieving goals, hard work or sincere love, they won’t even understand you.

The main problem of modern girls is that they often change men and boys. If until recently the girls tried to maintain relationships, find a compromise, work on themselves, but now they just leave the man. It became easier to find a replacement and a better version of a man, which became just a habit. Modern girls are always sorting out men, often enter into new relationships and usually remain unhappy.

In the age of online dating, finding a soul mate has become easier than ever. We download the Tinder, Badoo, Mamba, Topface or LovePlanet app and then we start matching. Women especially love these places, because there are always a lot of men and increased attention. This creates a feeling of being in demand in a woman, that you can always find someone for yourself at any time. This will play a bad joke later.

Why does a girl go over guys or a woman often changes men like gloves? The reasons are different, but in most cases, these girls are not suitable for a good, full and long-term relationship.

The girl is afraid of difficulties

If something goes wrong with one of the partners not so, there will be a misunderstanding, a quarrel or a man will have difficulties, everything will end in parting. The girl will not even fool around, because it’s easier to “like” a new man for herself than to deal with the former and his problems.

All people have become interchangeable, and often just become things that do not fit our characteristics or become obsolete over time. Such girls do not want to work on relationships at all, but simply run away at the first difficulties. Therefore, relationships or marriages fall apart very quickly when the slightest difficulties appear.

A girl is looking for the perfect man

Modern girls go on dates, chat and try to get to know a man better. Then something goes wrong, and the girl runs back to the dating app for a new guy. Moreover, the reason lies not in the mismatch of characters, but simply a man does not look like her ideal image in her head. But the funny thing is that there are no men who would correspond to this ideal ideal.

Why does a girl go over guys? Almost all modern girls have joined the race for the endless ideal of a man, which does not even exist in nature. Any man is bad enough, and the bar of requirements for a girl turns out to be high and unattainable. As a result, all modern girls change guys like gloves, but they never find the ideal. Needless to say, the girl herself is far from ideal, but she is looking for the ideal.

The girl has problems with self-esteem

Does the woman often change men? Some modern girls greedily need fans and admirers. They are ready to flirt with everyone, but quickly get tired of the monotony. As soon as a man is at her feet, she tries to win the heart of the next man. All this lies in complexes when a girl had problems with men in her youth or does not consider herself beautiful enough now. But a crowd of men and cosmetic plastic surgery will not save her from psychological problems. The girl will suffer until she turns to a psychologist.

A girl tries to sell herself

Sometimes a beauty bills a man. He cannot pay for it and offer her the life that Hollywood models and Instagram girls show. A man cannot give her a royal existence with private jet flights, VIP club parties, yacht parties, branded items and a luxurious life.

The girl continues to tell herself that she deserves more, and the choice is wrong again. So you constantly meet someone richer, someone better, something cooler. The girl runs away in search of a man who looks more like a pip or a sponsor. This girl is an ordinary gold digger.

A woman often changes men because of the market attitude towards the stronger sex. Modern girls have ceased to perceive relationships and love for real. Now they love those who turned out to be richer, and also more cool. Moreover, such girls themselves believe that they really fell in love, and did not choose a mercantile part of their character. The girl needs only courtship, gifts, material goods and other resources. But they themselves have forgotten how to give something in return, except for the average dumpling at the price of a diamond.

The girl has a windy character

Not all girls have strong principles, and many want to try weed in all gardens. As a result, the girl meets with different guys, enjoys intimate adventures, indulges in all serious and behaves as loosely as possible. A kind of Lolita, stuck forever in her image of a whore.

The constant change of partners leads to the fact that she rushes from one extreme to another. The girl wears dresses to the floor, behaves like a lady, and then again breaks into clubs, parties and promiscuous sex. This is such an irrepressible nature that it is impossible to remake. Such a girl is too weak to keep her panties in place, and not throw them off in front of the next man.

The problem of modern girls is that now it is very difficult to find a good and adequate girl. Almost all the girls are hooked on a regular change of men, but to work on them or have adequate requests is not.

When they tell me that there are no real men left, then there are almost no real girls. Ask any man about this and you will see that he is of the same opinion. All modern girls and women endlessly sort out men. That's just a woman's age is short, when the ass and chest under gravity move down. Young chicks step on their heels every year and take the men away. So as a result, everyone is unhappy in the modern world, although they could love and enjoy a happy life.