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A tough nut, or what kind of man is really cool?

If you think that the word "cool" in relation to a man is not very common, you are mistaken.

If you think that the word "cool" in relation to a man is not very common in the modern world, you are deeply mistaken.

Of course, even "machs" we call the strong half more often. But still, in moments of admiration for a man and a feeling of pride in him, an inner voice does not call him Casanova or a brutal man. Our delight lies in the laconic exclamation of two words: “He's cool!” Every man, without exception, would like the weak half of humanity to sigh for him. But for this you need to be really cool. Like this?

To begin with, it is worth understanding that calling a tough guy one of the following definitions will not work: an interesting, well-read interlocutor, a dude, a good friend, an insidious seducer of metropolitan beauties, a party-goer, a successful and promising man in work... He similar nicknames to the bulb, he does not keep a list of girls put to bed, he does not look for his photos from secular parties on the Internet or glossy magazines... In general, his coolness is a way of life, it is all life.

● He doesn't want to be cool, he is! That is, after each act done, he does not turn to the scale of points and does not think how cool it was done. He is not interested in outside opinion. For him, all those unearthly acts that make women go crazy and for which men respect him are the norm!

In the US, there is a "Tough Man" competition, the concept of which was conceived by businessman Art Dor in 1979. One day, he decided to rent a local arena and give the men the opportunity to enter the ring and show what they are capable of. However, in the understanding of many women, a truly tough man not only has strength and is able to protect it. He has a whole range of qualities and abilities that turn a boxer and just a strong man into Agent 007, on which everything depends.

● He is aware of the right to make a mistake and can make it, because by losing the battle, the tough guy will win the war later. Moreover, he does not just admit the mistake somewhere deep inside himself, he is not afraid to say it out loud, and if necessary, he will apologize.

● Next to a cool man, there is always an appropriate woman. Firstly, she can adequately get out of any situation, because she is not only beautiful, but also smart. A man understands that talking about a super-cute beauty is much more interesting than being with her. She is just an amusing image that is fun to discuss in a male company, but has nothing to do with a worthy woman. She also loves to have sex, knows how to behave in a circle of your friends and knows her own worth.

Surprisingly, sometimes being "anti-cool" is also cool! Careless, boorish, arrogant, impudent, rejecting any laws and rules, a brutal man strikes women on the spot. Perhaps the point is in his charisma, the internal energy with which he recharges everyone around him. If he doesn't like the life of a good tough guy, he will be bad!