A couple of tips on how to improve your orgasm

A few tips on how to make sex more intense and powerful, and orgasms more powerful and longer. Sex is an important and responsible business to treat it casually.

Many couples work hard to get the most out of sex. How to achieve harmony in sex? For this, it is recommended to use sexual toys, new positions, watching porn films and frank conversations.

As everyone already knows, there are two types of orgasm - vaginal and clitoral. The clitoral orgasm is achieved faster, but the vaginal orgasm is brighter and shakes the whole body. In order for a woman to approach and get a vaginal orgasm, you need to know a few techniques.

To begin with, it is worth examining your body and understanding in which position an orgasm is more achievable. You can use sex toys with slightly curved shapes. With the help of them you can give pleasure to a woman and diversify your sex life.

It is quite common for women to orgasm in the cowgirl position. The position when the woman on top gives more opportunity to control not only the pace, but also the depth of penetration. In this position, orgasm is achieved quite easily, but you should not forget that in this position, the man has free hands, with which he can caress the partner's body and help her.

The weakest positions in achieving a violent vaginal orgasm are the 69 position and the position where the partner sits on the partner's face. In these positions, the G-spot will be used the least.

Using the dogi style position, you can also deliver a vivid orgasm to a woman. A man should enter the penis from the bottom up, this will allow you to more accurately get into the current G.