88 important truths

Priceless lessons, important truths that I was lucky to learn about life, about the world and about its inhabitants. How can you learn life lessons from what happened to you?

All of us sometimes life teaches priceless lessons. True, sometimes she has to really hammer the same lesson into your head before it reaches you, and sometimes one - but really strong - life experience is enough for this lesson to be forever imprinted in your mind. But why don't you try to learn life lessons from more than just what happened to you?

In this article, I want to present you 88 things that I was lucky to learn about life, about the world and about its inhabitants:

1. You cannot change other people - besides, it is impolite to even try to do it. 2. Getting rid of the gained weight is a hundred times harder than just trying not to gain it. 3. If you're talking to someone you don't know very well, it's possible that you're talking to someone who knows more about your subject than you do. 4. Neither the most expensive nor the cheapest model is usually worth the money paid for them. 5. Everyone loves those who do not scatter unnecessary words. 6. Bad moods come and go when they want to, and trying to force them out will likely only make them stay with you much longer than you'd like.

7. Children are incredibly honest until we adults teach them to lie. 8. If you're watching a show where all the characters look incredibly good, it's probably not worth watching. 9. When you start talking in a raised voice, things usually get worse. 10. When you think you're worried about what others think of you, you're really only worried about what you yourself think. 11. If you encounter a problem, you are always responsible for solving it - no matter who caused it. 12. You never have to deal with all of time at once - just one moment at a time. 13. If you have never doubted your actions, most likely you have made a lot of mistakes. 14. Managing your desires is the most important skill you can learn. 15. Nobody can know everything. 16. Being a cynic is too easy to be useful. 17. Every person you meet on the street is as complex and multifaceted as you are. 18. When you hate something, the hate is reflected back. This applies to people, situations, and inanimate objects. 19. If you want to know more about life, read the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson. They are a true treasure trove of knowledge about life, happiness and kindness. 20. People tend to exaggerate. Everything and always. 21. Anger only proves that you are weak in spirit. The same can be said about violence. 22. People cannot destroy our planet, but they can deprive it of its ability to support life. In general, this is what we do. 23. When people do not like the situation in which they find themselves, they often leave it in their thoughts. 24. Those who complain the most end up achieving the least. 25. The longer you put something off “for later,” the harder and scarier it becomes for you to do it. 26. Loan debt bites into your soul. 27. No one knows even a small part of everything that happens in the world. The world is too big to be known by one person. 28. Most of what we see is actually just what we think about what we see. 29. People who are able to show themselves to the world as they are are as rare as diamonds. 30. The most common addiction is addiction to habitual comfort. He destroys dreams and breaks people. 31. If you think that what you are doing now is absolutely safe, there may be a less safe, but much more effective way to do the same. 32. The greatest invention in the history of mankind is the spoken language. 33. The favorite entertainment of those who shy away from responsibility is to blame the failures of those who take it upon themselves. 34. Any person you meet on your life path is better than you in some way. 35. Evidence is just a set of opinions that match your own. 36. The best faith is knowledge. 37. Fulfillment of one's desires is not selfishness at all. 38. What distinguishes man from animals? Yes, the fact that animals can easily be themselves. 39. The only way to escape from the quagmire that has sucked you in is to figure out what is going on in the depths of your soul. 40. Whoever you are, you are mortal. But if you understand and accept this, then you are alive. 41. Revenge for the sake of revenge is unworthy and irresponsible. 42. If you put your life on the shelves - you should live much easier. 43. Truth is hidden in every cliché. Yes, it has been repeated so many times that when you hear it, you raise your eyes to the ceiling in silent protest - but the truth does not disappear from this. She is still there. 44. Most often, people hurt others because they themselves hurt. Try to heal them, if only it is in your power - this will help them not to hurt others again. 45. Quality is always better than quantity - whether it be material goods, friends or valuable experience. 46. ​​If everyone read National Geographic, the world would be a much better place. 47. If you are unhappy alone, you will be unhappy in any relationship. 48. Nothing is free. Even if you don’t have to pay for something, you still have to spend time on it. 49. Emotions exist, among other things, in order to create prejudices in us - both “for” and “against”. Know that they can interfere with us as easily as they can help. 50. Dependence on something is a much more serious problem in society than we think. In one form or another, it is present in all of us, although we usually call it differently. 51. If it seems to you that you are "sucking in the pit of your stomach", you probably are. Tension in the abdomen often indicates your true feelings about something - regardless of all other arguments and persuasion. 52. By changing the way you walk and dress, you change the way you feel. And the way others think about you, too, whether you like it or not. 53. Everyone who knows how to drive considers his ability to be slightly above average. 54. If you are consumed by the desire to punish others, look into yourself - perhaps the source of this desire lies somewhere there? 55. Most people think too much about various nonsense. 56. If you really wallow on something, then only on a high-quality orthopedic mattress. After all, you will spend a third of your life on it. 57. If you have no friends, there is nothing worse than that. 58. Writing off a person from the account is no better than direct physical violence. 59. We are all hypocrites, although we try not to be. 60. Justice is something idealized and difficult to achieve, but despite this, many are ready to sacrifice many human lives on the way to it. 61. If you say something to children in one or two short sentences, they will usually understand you. 62. If you are drawn to buy something on sale, first think, is there a catch? 63. Rashing right and left with swear words, you become like an idiot. 64. Words have great power. One untimely spoken word can hurt for life. 65. Want to make someone's day more enjoyable? Just be unusually courteous with this person. 66. Most of what children learn from their parents, they did not even think to teach them. 67. If you hear about the “secret ingredient” of a dish, it usually turns out to be butter. In incredible quantities. 68. If you don't like a dish the first time, give it a second chance. 69. Whatever problem you have to face, it rarely turns out to be as painful as the fear associated with it. 70. Nothing ever happens exactly as expected. 71. Most people simply do not know how to accept compliments and offers of help. 72. There are too few women in power structures. And the world has been suffering from this for a very, very long time. 73. When you break a promise to yourself, you feel terrible. Well, if it starts to become a habit, you start to hate yourself. 74. Nine out of ten things I was terribly worried about never happened. Nine out of ten things that did happen, I didn't even think about. 75. You can't hide your bad mood from people who know you well - but this is no reason to be impolite. 76. Sometimes you have to exclude certain people from your life - even if they are part of your family. 77. The best way to find peace is to look at the starry ocean. 78. There is no point in finishing a book you don't like. Life is too short for that. Swallow your pride and put it back on the shelf. 79. Often there is no connection between the price of batteries and how long they last. 80. To master something new, it usually takes only a little more effort than to master something familiar. 81. Life is a journey alone, but fellow travelers are often nailed to you. Some for the long term, most for the short term. 82. One of the best things you can do for your children is to take them out into the countryside or go on vacation in a car. No, I don't have children, but I was once a child. 83. The less property you have, the more useful it is for you. 84. Einstein was much wiser than smarter, that's why he was a genius. 85. When it seems to you that your life has got you - read a good book. 86. You only torture yourself, dreaming that everything would be different. 87. The ability to be happy is the ability to understand and accept change. 88. Killing time is the worst of crimes. It is priceless and cannot be returned.