70 years of Bollywood fashion

What did the main characters of the Indian Bollywood film industry look like? Bollywood is an abundance of colors, beautiful outfits and music that help viewers forget about everyday problems for a few hours.

How did Bollywood characters look on the screen of Indian cinema?

Bollywood is a synonym for the film industry of the Indian city of Mumbai (formerly Bombay), named after Hollywood in California (USA). Bollywood is also officially called Hindi cinema. However, in addition to Hindi, films in Urdu, Punjabi and English are being filmed in Mumbai.

Bollywood is often erroneously referred to as all Indian cinema. However, this is only part of India's larger film industry, which includes other production centers producing films in several different languages. Of the more than 1,000 films released in India each year, Bollywood accounts for approximately 200-300.

Hindi films gross over a billion dollars annually, far outpacing films in regional languages. Moreover, every year the income from the rental of the most successful films is growing. Basically, cinema in Bollywood is designed for the general population, but there are samples of more highly specialized films. A significant part of the audience is representatives of the poorer segments of the country's population, this factor is also taken into account when shooting films. The central place in the plot is often occupied by a simple person who, by the strength of his spirit, can resist injustice and evil. The abundance of colors, beautiful outfits and music, helping viewers to forget about everyday problems for several hours, have an impact on the beauty industry.

70 years of Bollywood fashion