70 things you must do

Here is a list of things that you really, really need to do in your life. Look at what you have achieved and what else is worth implementing. 70 Things You Must Do

Although this is not a complete list of what a man must do, it is definitely the right way to know himself and the world. Perhaps something from the list will interrupt your life path ahead of time, but it's better than fading into oblivion. Mark for yourself with crosses what you have already done and what remains to be done.

70 things you should do

• Travel around the world. • Jump with a parachute. • Fall in love. • Swim with sharks. • Go down with scuba gear to the wreckage of a sunken ship. • Pass an audition for a movie or TV show. • Arrange a reception. Buy a drink and invite everyone you know. • Make a photo session. • Learn to fly an airplane. • Learn to play a musical instrument… • Live in the south for at least a year. • At least a year to live in the center of the capital city. • Spend a few weeks relaxing by the sea with your loved one. • Go surfing. • Learn a foreign language. • Visit the North Pole. • Participate in the show as an audience member. • Read at least 30 books. • Jump off a cliff into the water at some exotic location. • Make a mountain climb.

• Cook your own caught fish. • Ride a horse. • Drink warm beer from a barrel in an authentic Irish pub. • Spend the night traveling from one bar to another. • Jump at a rock concert from the stage into the crowd. • Play at the casino. • Visit a high quality strip club. • Take a three-week road trip around the country with three of your best friends. • Ride a camel through the desert. • Raft down the river. • Go snowboarding. • Get physically fit. • Understand how government works in your country. • Learn some kind of dance. • Kiss in an unusual place. • Write a book, even if it is short and never gets published. • Visit third world countries to see what real poverty is. • Swim in the sea at midnight. • Take a shower under a waterfall. • Choose your goals in life and write them down. • Spend New Year's Eve on the main square of the city. • Go on a blind date. • Fall asleep under the stars. • Visit the Oktoberfest in Munich. • Visit Mardi Gras in New Orleans. • Visit the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. • Relax savage. • Fly in a hot air balloon. • Rent a fast sports car and drive on the freeway. • Change jobs until you find what you need. • Buy your own house. • Buy a sports car. • See the Grand Canyon. • Attend an important football match. • Spend the whole day at home with loved ones.• Learn how to mix cocktails. • Participate in a marathon. • Tell a joke in front of a large audience. • Take a shot from a weapon. • Cross the English Channel.
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• Cycle down the mountain road. • Learn to sail. • Learn the basics of military art. • Visit the jungle.

• Visit a nude beach. • Learn focus. • Get a couple of signature dinner recipes. • Get an education and continue learning. • Settle in a high rise apartment with an amazing view. • Spend a vacation on the other side of the world, in a city with a completely different culture..