Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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7 phrases that successful people never say

To become the best, you need not only to work hard and successfully, but also to behave accordingly. 7 phrases that successful employees do not say.

Almost everyone wants to be successful. But in order to succeed, it is necessary not only to work hard and hard, but also to watch what you say. Sometimes our casually thrown words can lead to a demotion, a fine, or a denial of a desired position.

To avoid this, never say these 7 phrases at work:

1. "It can't be done." Such a phrase, said to the manager, can cross out all your hopes for a promotion, or even deprive you of your job. The fact is that this is usually said by people who give up when any difficulties arise. Instead of giving up right away, offer another option for solving a difficult problem.

2. "These duties are not specified in my employment contract." Whatever your job description says, these tasks may change over time. Some of them you will stop doing, while others, on the contrary, will be added. And if, with the appearance of each new task, you point out your employment contract to the manager, this will not lead to anything good. Instead, you can talk to your manager and discuss your role in the company.

3. "It won't take long." Many believe that such a phrase demonstrates their high productivity. This is not true. By saying this, you belittle your achievements. The speed with which you cope with such a task is the result of your skills and abilities. And the phrase “it only takes a minute” gives the impression that the task is within the power of everyone.

4. "It's not my fault, it's a mistake." This approach to work, as a rule, characterizes employees as unreliable or even irresponsible. Instead of pointing out other people's mistakes, you need to be able to admit your own and learn from them.

5. "It's not fair." Many things in our lives are unfair. Each of us often faces injustice. Instead of complaining about unfairness at work, look for ways to fix the problem or work harder. So that the next time the manager does not even have a thought, give your project to another employee.

6. "I don't need help." This approach does not always characterize you as an experienced independent employee. Often this behavior is perceived as the inability to work in a team. It is important to learn teamwork, as this is an essential characteristic of a leader.

7. "It's always been done that way." Doing everything the right way is not the best strategy for business. Every successful company must keep up with the times, and its employees must constantly learn something new.

Hard work will help you achieve success, but this should not come to “fanaticism”. Constantly learn new things and develop, improve yourself. Your leaders will definitely notice this.