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69 things you should try in sex at least once

What should a man try in sex to consider himself a real playboy? How advanced are you in sex and how many interesting things have you tried? Or have you only seduced a couple of girls in your entire boring life? Put pluses there that you have already managed to do in sex. And also note something yet to come.

Life is short and it's too boring to go out of it without doing a good job. What sexual adventures are there and what can you think of interesting things? We have sketched out for you a rough list of what you can think of in the love field of intimacy. There are many interesting things in this world that are still waiting for you.

What should you try in sex at least once?

  1. Masturbation.
  2. Watching porn.
  3. Talk to a girlfriend for a blowjob.
  4. Lose your virginity.
  5. Watch porn with a girl.
  6. One night stand with a stranger.
  7. Deprive a girl of virginity.
  8. Sex with two girls.
  9. Persuade a girl into anal sex.
  10. Sex in a hotel or inn.
  11. Buy a sex toy and use it in sex.
  12. Make cunnilingus.
  13. Sleeping with the girl you've been dreaming of for a long time.
  14. Sex with a colleague at a corporate party.
  15. Sleep with a prostitute.
  16. Start a holiday romance.
  17. Mutual masturbation with a girlfriend.
  18. Sex with provincial women, peasant women, urban and glamorous women.
  19. Finally get out of the friend zone and plant a woman up to the very tomatoes.
  20. Quick sex called “quicky”.
  21. Sex marathon, when you get out of bed only to eat and take a shower.
  22. Sex at a party when it's in full swing.
  23. Relationships and sex with two girls in parallel.
  24. Sex with bondage or use of handcuffs.
  25. Sex in the car.
  26. Sex with an informal girl or a party girl immediately after meeting.
  27. Sex with someone else's wife or girlfriend.
  28. Have sex over the phone or video call.
  29. Sex tour and travel around different countries.
  30. Sex with an adult woman (milf).
  31. Sex in front of a mirror that reflects your bodies.
  32. Nostalgic sex with a long-lost ex.
  33. Get a steady girlfriend and stop masturbating.
  34. Friendship sex with a woman with whom I have been friends for a long time.
  35. Sex immediately after sports.
  36. BDSM sex.
  37. Sex with a girl's girlfriend.
  38. Sex in the water. It can be a bath, swimming pool, sauna or the sea.
  39. Blonde, brunette, brown-haired, red-haired and shaved girl.
  40. Play rape and forced sex with a girl.
  41. Sex with role reversal.
  42. Make a joint porn with a girl.
  43. ​​
  44. Sex with a bisexual or lesbian.
  45. Try most of the most famous sex positions.
  46. Find your favorite position for sex.
  47. Sex with a teacher, an accountant, a student, a doctor and women from different fields.
  48. Sex in nature or other public place.
  49. Drunk sex when both of you were ready but still adequate.
  50. Sex in an enclosed space in an elevator, toilet or changing room.
  51. Sexual variety of forms: thin, fat, tall, short girl.
  52. A date through dating apps that ended in sex (N times).
  53. Sex in every place imaginable.
  54. Sleepy sex in the morning.
  55. Love affair with an athlete or gymnast.
  56. Sex with the use of food for love games.
  57. Sex with a blindfold.
  58. Try rough and dirty sex on the verge of porn.
  59. Sex with an Asian, a black woman and girls of other nationalities.
  60. Sex with a young nymphet and lolita.
  61. Sex on a working washing machine.
  62. Good sex after a real fight.
  63. Make a joint porn with a girl.
  64. Try dominance and submission in sex.
  65. Slow tantric sex.
  66. Sex with wife and conception of a child.
  67. Trial of different role-playing games in sex.
  68. Realize your innermost sex fantasies.
  69. Make other people's sex fantasies come true.
  70. Oral sex in 69 position.

What sexual adventures have you tried and would like to add?