50 tips for being a great sex lover

Great lovers are made, not born. Everyone expects sex to be great without the effort and knowledge, but that doesn't work in real life. Any skill, even sex, takes time, practice and experience. How to be a great lover and bring girls to a real orgasm?

Everyone can take a girl home, but not everyone can bring her to orgasm. Even if a girl has finished, this does not mean that she did not fake an orgasm to calm the man.

According to studies, about 60% of women regularly fake an orgasm, and 35% are not satisfied with their sex life. Surely everything is wrong with your girlfriend or wife? Then why so many unsatisfied women?

How to be a great lover

1. Sex begins with a date and romance.

2. Don't forget about foreplay and caresses.

3. Compliment a girl during sex.

4. Don't eat before sex.

5. Discuss sex fantasies and act them out.

6. Stimulate the clitoris with your hand.

7. Shave and groom your groin if you expect the same from her.

8. Tease the girl and caress, not immediately moving to the genitals.

9. Remove things that interfere with sex or may disturb.

10. A girl needs more time to reach orgasm.

11. Use deodorant or toilet water.

12. Turn on pleasant music in the background during sex.

13. Pretend to be strangers and succumb to temptation.

14. The presence of a large member does not guarantee an orgasm, but a small one does not.

15. Take your time and slow down the frictions.

16. Let her experience an orgasm first.

17. Sex in a public place is good.

18. Find a rhythm of sex that suits both.

19. Don't ignore oral sex.

20. Try sex toys and different accessories and sex shops.

21. Beautiful erotic lingerie will come in handy during love games.

22. Moan during sex.

23. Make more time for body hygiene.

24. Delay the climax.

25. Let sex be spontaneous, not planned.

26. Watch porn together.

27. Rub your bodies together.

28. Striptease each other.

29. More kissing during sex itself.

30. Go in for sports 2 times a week.

31. Drink some wine before sex.

32. Learn the Kama Sutra and other sex techniques.

33. Changing roles in sex sometimes turns me on.

34. Role-playing games will give variety.

35. Tied to bed, handcuffed or blindfolded.

36. Play with the girl's hair. Caress, pull, squeeze.

37. Experiment with different sex positions.

38. Threesome or participation in an orgy.

39. Try BDSM.

40. Anal sex has the right to exist in both directions.


41. Whisper compliments or vulgarities in your ear.

42. Less alcohol, junk food and bad habits.

43. Focus on quality, not quantity.

44. Try to find the G-spot in women and the prostate in men.

45. Become a master or a slave in sex.

46. Masturbate to each other or by yourself.

47. Use vulgar and dirty words in sex.

48. Give each other a massage.

49. Try rough and active sex.

50. Sex in a car, outdoors, in a tent, in a hotel room.

How good are you at sex?