5 signs of a slob

Do you want to be successful and happy? Idiots and slobs have common traits that lead them down a slippery slope of failure. How to prevent, diagnose and treat slob syndrome?

I have a lot of experience dealing with all kinds of gouging and fighting the unconditional evil of gouging within myself. An unorganized person can get to any level in the social hierarchy, up to the highest, but this usually ends very badly. The bulk of the slackers, however, live no one knows where and no one knows on what income and actively join the ranks of strange people who claim that the average salary in Russia cannot be higher than 10 thousand.

Idiots have common traits that lead them down a slippery slope. I think it's worth sharing them in order to avoid infecting the broad masses with the razdobai disease.

1. The habit of being late and forgetting about appointments or tasks. A self-evident quality for a gouge. The problem is solved if there are no intricate problems with the psyche, scrupulous control and accounting. I gouging should explain to myself that the tasks set are very important and each time carefully analyze the upcoming solution of the problem for myself point by point, foresee possible pitfalls. For example, before going to a meeting, you need to study the route and lay down the time, taking into account traffic jams and other problems.

2. A sense of stability, confidence in the normality of slovenly behavior. Often a person does not understand in principle why he is not appreciated. Such people often repeat ideas about “everything is bought”, “honestly it’s unrealistic to earn money”, “the circle of blat”, etc. The problem is solved by suggestion, severe enough to realize we gouge the problem.

3. The habit of overestimating one's strength. Every dolt in his heart considers himself a genius, and therefore believes that the work that miserable little people do in a year, he can solve with the help of unknown manipulations a couple of weeks before the deadline. This gouging belief is often reinforced by school experience, where many students are faced with senile curricula and dragging out for years what they could learn well in a week. In adulthood, this also occurs, sometimes the work is really done in a rush mode. But is it worth saying that the quality suffers from this? Titanic projects of a slob can be not only fantastic (“tomorrow I will start earning 200-400 thousand and by the end of next year I will buy an apartment”), but also dangerous: for example, a person may urgently need to lose weight and is trying to achieve a goal with the help of pills.

The problem is solved if you break down a lot of work into manageable doses that can be done every day. The habit of working on a task, even just a little bit, can very well become something like a habit of brushing your teeth. In addition, once you start working, it is easy to get involved. The principle of “not a day without a dash” was not accidentally invented by artists, it is ideal for all sorts of creative individuals, that is, gouging.

4. The habit of believing that gouging ideas and works are much better than the works of miserable little men, because they are especially bright and creative. Such an opinion is not necessary for razdobay, but is very popular among them. The problem is that any work is valuable only when it reaches its goal. Therefore, sadly, it is necessary to take into account, first of all, the wishes of the client or the real possibilities for the implementation of the project. In addition, the implementation of good ideas usually requires a lot of work, and sometimes even adjustments to the concept itself.

Kicks of fate, alas, do not solve the problem. However, the way to think over ways to implement a megaproject and even start it sometimes can be priceless.

5. Lack of faith in yourself. Often combined with confidence in one's own genius. The problem is solved by consistent work on heart rate and self-esteem, with the aim of lowering the first and increasing the second.

Author: petr_suvorov