5 rules for the fulfillment of desires

Desires bring satisfaction only when they come true. The success of the fulfillment of desires almost always depends on the person himself, his actions, thoughts and character traits.

1. The desire must be "your"!

If you succumbed to social influence when choosing, and your soul does not lie at all with what you “want”. The wish will be quite difficult to fulfill. After all, your whole being will resist this.

2. Confidence in success!

You must have unquestioning confidence that your wish will come true. For example, Walt Disney had to draw on the walls of his own house as a child. Because There was no money in the family for paper (!!!). He was constantly told that animation is not for him, that no one needs it. But he allowed himself to ignore all the "prophecies." He lived UNQUICKLY confidence in success!

What happened next? I don't think it's worth telling.

3. Let go of your desire

To make it easier for you to understand all this, let's draw a parallel.

You have a kind of "bag of orders" (a balloon), and now you begin to gradually put your desire into it (inflate it). You add all sorts of refinements and details of your desire, you finish the brightness of colors and specific numbers and numbers (you continue to inflate). And now the bag becomes full, and ready to go for execution. (your balloon is inflated) But NO! We continue to keep this "balloon" with us. We then inhale the air from it back (doubts), then again we blow there, inflating it to the limit. And what will happen to your balloon in the end? He will burst. Or, over time, it will wear out, and slowly begin to deflate. You will get tired of holding this ball, and it will become something burdensome for you. Its colors will fade, and it will no longer bring its former joy.

So what should have been done to prevent this from happening?

It was enough to RELEASE our balloon into the sky! There, where his performance is instantly considered, and everything begins to help us in this!

And this does not mean that you will forget about your desire, it means that you simply will not interfere with its execution!

4. Visualize

Spend at least 15 minutes a day visualizing your desire. Visualize by all means FROM THE FIRST PERSON! This will help you make your wish come true as quickly as possible.

5. Smile!

When you are positive, the Universe is happy to help you in everything!

When you constantly complain about life, constantly dissatisfied with something, your life becomes gloomy and uninteresting. And all because we attract what we think about the most!

Try to see the good in every situation. And you will be surprised how quickly your life will change!

Photo: Boudewijn Berends flickr.com/boudewijnberends