4 Signs She Doesn't Want You

There is an opinion that women should be wooed. But it is important to understand the fine line between "achieving" and "frankly annoying." Sometimes it pays to end a bad relationship.

If a woman does not invite you to her home after the first date, this probably indicates her upbringing, but if you have been walking by the hand for six months, perhaps the reason is different? We will tell you about the signs that she does not want you!

There is an opinion that women should be wooed. There is some truth in this, but it is important to understand the fine line between "achieving" and "frankly annoying."

She is shy of you

Yes, she enjoys talking to you, and the compliments you say are nice, as they increase self-esteem, but she tries not to appear with you on people. In other words, she is shy of you, which means she definitely doesn’t want to. Of course, you have a chance to change something, but very “thin”, because the image in your head has already taken shape.

Cancels meetings

If she often cancels meetings with you, then today there is a more tempting offer than spending the evening with you, drinking a sad Mojito and listening to jazz music. Meetings with you happen only when she is bored and needs to occupy herself with at least something. And yes, she doesn't want you! If I wanted to, I used every chance to meet.

Dislikes intimate conversations

Women are addicted to intimate conversations. Unlike men, they really like to talk about it, fantasize out loud and share their impressions using the most vivid epithets. If you are trying to start a conversation of an intimate nature, and she changes the subject in every possible way, this is not modesty, this is a reluctance to talk to you about sex. And yes, not only not interested in the conversation, not interested in you either.

You do not know her friends

If you do not know her friends, you have never even heard the phrase, they say, “my girlfriend, with whom we are friends from school...”, so she is not going to build a serious relationship with you. Why haven't you told me yet? Chooses words. You are so kind that it is difficult to become rude! And the matter of sex in this case also will not come!

Do you recognize yourself? Finish "pursuing" and turn your attention to another woman!