30 second rule

There are hundreds of tips for quickly changing the quality of your life and career. But to start a change, 30 seconds is enough to record the most important moments.

How many bestsellers and blogs are dedicated to changing lives quickly, working effectively, and getting better results? You can literally be surrounded by such literature from all sides, read hundreds of books, but nothing will change. If this is about you, try just one rule of 30 seconds, because everything ingenious is simple.

A book will never be written about this rule, unless a very eloquent manager goes to great lengths to produce the next bestseller. This rule is not drawn from modern motivational literature and was not born at all in our age of digital technologies, general cynicism and disappointment.

It was said by an elderly gentleman born in the 19th century. He passed the rule on to his grandson, who is now in his fifties. This person is the “grey eminence” of the business community and a very interesting personality. In his time he helped develop the concept of many famous brands, but now he only works when he feels he has something to offer.

Sometimes he writes speeches for CEOs and politicians, writes novels in his spare time, but only for himself - after writing, he destroys them, and does not want to publish or advertise his works. Among his friends there are the most influential people on the planet, but if you type his name on Google, you will not learn almost anything - only get lost in the virtual spaces.

And this "grey eminence" at a meeting with a business woman and author Robin Scott, once stated a short rule that can change the life of every person. And Robin, in turn, brought it to the general public.

A wise grandfather's advice was:

Immediately after each lecture, meeting or other important experience, take 30 seconds - no more and no less - to write down the most important points. If you always do this, and even just write it down, never reviewing it again, everything will be all right.

The boy followed the advice and spent his whole life 30 seconds recording important moments. Later, he initiated his sons into this secret, who have already started an excellent career. Just try this rule for a few months and see how your life changes. And here are some advantages and features of this method:

1. These are not detailed records

Do not think that 30 seconds will be enough for you to write down everything that happened, for example, at a 2 hour meeting. This rule is very different from taking notes so you don't forget important points or describe a meeting in detail. Rather, it looks like an interpretation, a designation of priorities and decisions.

2. This is a difficult job

Deciding what matters most is really difficult. I really want to get rid of the records by the fact that you already remember everything. Just like you dodge your workouts at the gym, your brain is trying to avoid that “30 second sprint.”

3. Details are a trap

We so often “memorize everything” that this sifting out of details turns into a real art. But the time limit helps us do it more efficiently. Just 30 seconds helps to write down only the most important thing, without being distracted by the details.

4. We must act quickly

If you wait a couple of hours after the event, you may remember the facts, but miss the nuances. And this is fraught with errors in the question “what is more important?”

For example, after a meeting, you may forget the other person's tone of voice, or that most of the valuable ideas came from one simple sentence, in general, small but significant details.

5. Learning to listen and ask the right questions

If you train yourself to the 30 second rule, it will increase your concentration while you are listening to someone then, and will help to immediately mark the main idea in his words, without verbal lace.

It's like learning to hear one instrument in an entire orchestra, and identify the sound in a complete cacophony. You will listen better, ask the right questions, and get helpful answers.

6. You will be able to help other people

Since, thanks to the rule, you will learn to hear the essence of the conversation, it will become clear what other people need, and how to solve their problems. And this, in turn, will help to establish contacts and better combine your interests in the future.

7. It gets easier with time

The first few times you will find it quite difficult to get the whole point into a 30 second report, but the longer you practice this technique, the more simple, useful and even funny, it becomes.