30 rules for men from girls

Advice from girls and women on how a man should be, we have heard a thousand times. But what should a man be like in the opinion of the smallest representatives of the fair sex? How to become the prince of her childhood dreams?

There is an ancient Latin proverb "ex ore parvulorum veritas", which in translation sounds: "The mouth of an infant speaks the truth." Children's opinion has not yet been corrupted by modern media, television and the Internet. As children, girls dreamed of a fairytale prince. It was cute and funny.

When women grow up, they change. They lose something important under the yoke of pragmatism and everyday life. The man of their dreams becomes different. He acquires other, sometimes not the best features and qualities. How to be the one she dreamed of as a child? How to become a prince on a white horse?

Two little girls Blair and Brooke, aged 6 and 9, were asked about the male gender. What should their boyfriend look like in the future? Oddly enough, but he is not at all like the popular youth singer Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber). This makes us incredibly happy! Nine-year-old Brooke said authoritatively that it has to be someone better than Justin Bieber, who is always in trouble.

The little fair sex gave interesting and useful advice by scribbling it in the corner of the paper. Young talents wrote the rules for men with some spelling mistakes, in the English original, but it's even funny. We especially liked the 14th rule about the first date, which can be slightly modified to modern realities. You understand what it's about.

30 rules for men from girls

1. Good underline

2. Attractive

3 Loves parents

4. Does not live with parents

5. Good manners

6. Master of his craft

7. Well dressed

8. Goes to good places

9. Has a nice house/apartment

10. Likes children/ wants children

11. Has good accessories (watch, pen, etc.)

12. Listens

13. Doesn't pick his nose

14. Doesn't kiss on the first date

15. Respects the one he is married to

16. Smart

17. Cooks well

18. Has a good job

19. Always positive

20. Neat

21 Respects other religions and opinions

22. Surname is not strange

23. Very cheerful

24. Knows how to cheer up

25. Adherent to a healthy diet

26. Takes care of his physical form

27. Not a talker and not a storyteller

28. Uses a toothbrush and floss

29. Respects the work of his soul mate

30. Cares and loves animals

That's the whole story about prince on a white horse. The children spoke about the most important things, and something useful can be taken out of this short list. Now you know what your girlfriend dreamed about. Be the prince of her childhood dreams!

Photo: Gabrielle Daniels huffingtonpost.com Men's magazine MENSBY. COM