30 ridiculous things about sex. Annoying things about sex that are silent

Strange things happen during sex that cause intense annoyance or uncontrollable laughter. What do men and women experience when they have sex? 30 most ridiculous and strange things in sex.

"As they say, don't put off drinking for tomorrow, and sex for old age." Maria Voronova

In sex, troubles often occur that are not shown at all in the movies, but happen in real life. In bed, events occur that can interfere with intimacy or make it uncomfortable and strange.

But no one talks about this. Nobody boasts like that. But don't worry. Such troubles happen to many people who have sex. This is the norm! As one character from the box said.

30 Most Annoying, Ridiculous and Weird Things About Sex

  1. You have a very squeaky bed that everyone in the neighborhood knows you're smacking.
  2. During sex, the condom breaks. You both hope the girl doesn't fly in.
  3. An unexpected change of position in sex, when you start to approach orgasm.
  4. A ridiculous sound when your bodies touch and a vacuum forms between them.
  5. The smell of rubber from the condom and overly active sex.
  6. During the heat of passion, the penis slips out.
  7. You caress each other, put on a condom, and the member, at that moment, becomes soft.
  8. When blowjob girl feels dry mouth and pain in the jaw.
  9. Tiny hairs that constantly fall into the mouth.
  10. You sweat a lot when you have sex, which is very annoying.
  11. You have sex, but you know you shouldn't do it with this person.
  12. Can't reach orgasm and give up from fatigue.
  13. You are emotionally aroused, but not physically.
  14. Girls get annoyed when they have to clean their belly or navel of semen.
  15. Strangers who try to enter the bedroom at the most inopportune moment.
  16. Cramps in the legs and hips during prolonged sex.
  17. Stupid faces and sounds you make.
  18. Sex in the shower, in the bath or on the beach creates more problems than pleasure.
  19. The girl is sick while performing a blowjob.
  20. When you try to drive the cat away so as not to interfere with making love.
  21. Girls complain about insufficient penis size or weak erection of a man.
  22. Men complain about girls who are like a dull log in sex.
  23. You have eaten something that makes your stomach growl and make you uncomfortable.
  24. During sex, you want to fart or it happens by accident.
  25. You press the girl's hair and she screams.
  26. Men should run away if the husband unexpectedly returns.
  27. After drinking alcohol, we can have sex for a long time, but we cannot cum.
  28. Spiky hair on the legs or pubis if the girl has recently shaved.
  29. Disappointment after mediocre sex.
  30. After sex, you need to wash, change bed linen and clean up.

Things happen in sex, but don't worry. Better laugh and have sex again...