25 steps to sex. Step-by-step instructions from dating a girl to bed

Often people, pickup and relationship training make the simple things in dealing with the opposite sex too complicated. The simpler the strategy in communicating with a girl, the easier it is to get relationships and sex. Step by step instructions from dating to sex with any girl.

You can read, watch and learn to pickup for a long time, but never have sex. Stop confusing yourself. The more complex the strategy in meeting girls, the worse. Complex tackles, pick-up tricks, NLP and other nonsense almost do not work. The most common strategy for communicating with the fair sex works best.

25 steps to sex. Step-by-step instructions from meeting a girl to bed

1. Find a pretty girl that you like.

2. Don't roll up to her from behind or jump out of nowhere.

3. Catch the eye of the girl you like and smile.

4. If the girl smiled back, then immediately come up. If the girl is not smiling, then wink, wave or make a funny face.

5. Does the girl react positively? Approach her immediately. If not, then go ahead and repeat from point 1. Why do you need women who are closed, busy or without a sense of humor?

6. Smile. Just say “hello” to the girl, without any show off, pickup truck and abstruse phrases when dating.

7. Introduce yourself and take an interest in the name of the owner of a beautiful smile.

8. Talk about the weather, where you are, or other social topics.

9. Do not drag out for a long time and ask for her phone number, referring to the cases. If the girl refuses, then don't ask, just wish her luck and leave. Start with point 1.

10. Call the girl in the late afternoon and on the same day. Be positive and offer to go for a walk together in the coming days.

11. Make a date with the girl. If he refuses and refers to employment, then call back another day. The girl refuses three times and stirs up trouble? To hell. Look for more free and adequate. Start with point 1.

12. Come without flowers, bear and other nonsense. Take a walk outside or sit in a cafe where you can chat quietly.

13. Try to be spontaneous, fun, friendly and confident on dates. Girls love fun and interesting pastime.

14. A couple of compliments on dates is the norm. Praise her beauty, clothes, inner features and character. Flirt more with the girl and help her feel her sexuality.

15. At the right moment, gently and gently kiss the girl. Do not delay beyond the first date, so as not to be in the friend zone.

16. On dates, touch a girl for any reason. Take her hand, touch her back, lightly touch her shoulder, hug her. She is your girl and should get used to your lustful hands.

17. Do not buy expensive gifts for a girl and do not try to impress with money, especially if there are not many of them. Move with the girl in a relationship on the rise.

18. Invite the girl to visit, and if she refuses, then do not insist. Next time, call again to watch a movie, play with a cat, see a collection of stamps, etc. It happens differently with every girl, but try to get her into bed by the 3rd-7th date.

19. Does the girl try to be offended, act up or manipulate in the relationship? Don't follow the heifer. This is shit from girls. Don't bend, don't give in, and don't run after her apologetically. Is the girl misbehaving? Do not call on dates, ignore her, write and call less often. Don't be an errand deer, be a man. If the girl turned out to be a fool or a bitch, then start from point 1 with a new hot chick.

20. Was the girl visiting? So not against sex. The main thing is not to scare her. Create a comfortable and intimate environment. Drink her warm coffee, treat her with sweets, but the best option would be a small amount of alcohol.

21. Sit comfortably on a sofa or bed. Passionately kiss the girl and hug. Don't stop and touch the girl through her clothes. Tell about her beauty and your attraction. Start undressing the girl carefully and at the same time take off your clothes.

22. Behave confidently and like a man. Do you worry before your first sex? Take an hour before sex, a tablet of Viagra, Levitra, Cialis or an equivalent. This will provide great sex and a boner.

23. Have sex with a girl for the first time. Try not to forget the condom and be gentle. During the first sex, it is better not to get involved in oral or other types of sex. The missionary sex position would be ideal.

24. After sex, tell how good you felt, stroke the girl and invite her to shower together. Don't ask about her orgasm, it will look stupid. If the girl is in the mood, then throw her another stick.

25. Call her the next day and ask her out again. Now you can stir up a permanent relationship and enjoy sex with this girlfriend. If a girl doesn't make you happy or breaks point 19, then start at point 1 with another cute, cool, sexy babe.

Step-by-step instructions, from meeting a girl to bed, you will need. Just 25 steps to sex! Save the list. Now go ahead and start with #1…