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25 good ideas to spice up your sex

There is nothing worse in a relationship with a girl than boring, predictable and dull sex. How to bring a hurricane of emotions, sensations and orgasms into sex? Great, sexy, vicious ideas for dirty sex.

There are no cold women, but there are men with damp matches. How to kindle fire and passion in a girl?

25 good ideas to spice up your sex

1. Before sex, create tension with texting, compliments, and courtship. 2. Blindfolded sex. This will sharpen the sensations and make sex unforgettable. 3. Put your hand in the girl's hair and pull her for them. Some girls get turned on by it. 4. Talk obscenities, dirty words and vulgarities to each other during sex. 5. Sex using handcuffs, ropes and other ways to immobilize a partner. 6. Try to wrestle before sex, when someone resists - it turns on. 7. Make oral sex a mandatory part of your sex life. 8. Try eye contact during sex, it will give an unforgettable experience.

9. Use sexual rewards and punishments for good behavior.

10. Whisper compliments in your ear, loudly admire beauty and sexuality. 11. Do not only have gentle and romantic sex, but also rough. 12. Get involved in the world of role-playing games where you can let your imagination fly. 13. Have sex in the shower, in the kitchen, on the table, in the chair, in the hotel. 14. Alternate slow sex, and sometimes arrange a flash of passion. 15. Use nails, tongue, teeth in sex. 16. Try to dominate and obey. Choose roles at random. 17. Take an interest in the desires of a friend and make them a reality. 18. Talk, moan, and make other sounds during sex. It's very exciting. 19. Have sex with sex toys. 20. Play rape and unleash animal passion.

21. Don't be afraid to offer something unusual and even perverted. 22. Buy erotic lingerie and use accessories. 23. Have sex in places where you can be caught: on the street, on the roof, in nature.

24. Watch porn together and try to repeat something. 25. Periodically try new poses from the Kamasutra.