23 signs that you are from the USSR

The American portal BuzzFeed published a funny list of signs that you grew up in a family of immigrants from the USSR. Some of what seemed familiar to you from childhood, even your foreign friends were bewildered. Your parents, who grew up in the USSR, might seem strange to someone. And some of what seemed familiar to you from childhood, even your friends caused bewilderment. Now you have to remember telephone conversations, features of a winter wardrobe and, of course, solemn feasts. Take off your shoes, take a blanket, sit down and start reading.

1. You were always forced to wear a hat if it was cold.

2. Except when you were told, “Don't walk around with wet hair! You'll get meningitis!"

3. Wear a dress without pantyhose? Haha, naive attempt.

4. Everything could become a bad omen. Whistle at home? Well done, just secured a beggarly life.

5. And in general, you were surrounded by dangers. For example, you were told that you should not read lying down - this can make you blind.

6. You never threw plastic bags away, but put them in a drawer.

7. A separate box was allocated for “beautiful” packages.

8. Pickle jars, jam jars and any other jars were thoroughly washed and used as containers.

9. You had at least one such blanket at home. Most likely two.

10. Every second acquaintance from the old homeland worked as an engineer.

11. Sprinkling quotes from Pushkin and centuries-old proverbs in a conversation was a habit for you.

12. At family feasts, one could always hear the phrase: “We don’t argue, we discuss!”

13. Potatoes need to be boiled. Soup should be eaten with every meal.

14. Almost every house had wine glasses. You had impressive crystal goblets.

15. On my birthday, I had to listen to telephone congratulations from every uncle, aunt, second cousin and family friend: “I wish you health, happiness and success in your personal life.”

16. Asking friends to take off their shoes upon entering the house is a separate pleasure.

17. You were practically sure that books should be bought in series - collected works (of each Russian writer).

18. Parents always praised the achievements of American medicine - but several bottles of miraculous Russian potions were hidden in the house. Ever heard of valerian? By the way, it's great for calming down. And why use iodine if there is brilliant green?

19. You didn't find out that there were two slices of bread in a sandwich until you went to school.

20. While your friends were playing poker, you played the fool.

21. The New Russian Word is the only news worthy of publication (in Russian and two or three months late).

22. The first thing you heard when the US made a political decision that your parents didn't agree with was: "This country is turning into the Soviet Union!"

23. All this is understandable. They are Russians.