20 style rules for men

How to look fashionable, stylish, confident and successful with women? Men's style rules that every man over 18 should know.

There is nothing more tiresome in the world than following fashion paranoidly. British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood said: "Buy less, choose better and do it yourself." It is more important to be not fashionable, but to feel the style. Men's magazine MENSBY. COM will tell you the rules of men's style that every man over 18 should know.

20 style rules for men

1. Choose the right size clothes. Many people mistakenly wear clothes one size larger or smaller. Be clear about your measurements and don't let salespeople slip things that don't fit.

2. Compare the color of the belt, shoes and bag. Colors must match or be close. It is better to stick to traditional colors: black, brown or gray.

3. The presence of a belly encourages the choice of a wider cut of trousers or pants.

4. It is good if the shirt is lighter than the suit. This allows you to look slimmer, fitter and more athletic.

5. Do not wear a belt and suspenders at the same time. This is bad manners.

6. It is better for large men to choose wide tie knots.

7. Choose neutral tones in clothes, not flashy patterns. This will allow you to stay fashionable longer.

8. Do you like jeans? It's best when you wear jeans a shade or two darker than your denim shirt or jacket.

9. Don't forget that denim should not be washed frequently. To avoid color loss, just rinse it. Before washing, it is recommended to turn the outer side inside out.

10. The sleeve of the jacket should be short enough so that the cuff of the shirt is slightly visible.

11. The ideal color of socks is the color of pants. But precise observance of the shade is not required. Color matching will visually lengthen the legs.

12. It is better to choose long socks. When you sit in a chair, a bare leg may appear between the leg and toe. It's not beautiful.

13. It is better not to use white socks at all. As a last resort, go to the gym with white sports shoes.

14. Slippers are only good for the beach or pool.

15. Do not use bags that do not match the style. Choose a good quality bag instead of a regular sports backpack.

16. Short men should not choose loose-fitting clothes. She makes them lower.

17. Do not wear sunglasses on your head. This loosens the temples and the glasses will not sit well later.

18. Cheap shoes are not economy, but madness. Don't skimp on decent shoes.

19. Watch the quality and buy few things.

20. Never pay too much attention to your clothes and style. The most stylish men are those who put the least effort into it and look a little casual.

Still from the film “Saint-Laurent. Style is me”