20 signs of women with whom should not be born

Urgently remove children, pregnant women, as well as bosses and indigenous girls from the capital from the screen: rupture, inflammation and burning of the ass is possible. Which women should not be chosen by a man and why?

Specially for my blog, expert kazakuralsky will talk in detail about why he lives with a cat which women should not be chosen by a man and why.

Which points are you willing to agree with and which ones you are not?

1. Sexually early. Early is a subjective concept. Those who have begun sexual activity before the age of 17 should be treated with suspicion. Of course, this may never be known. But if it became known, or, moreover, she herself does not hesitate to talk about it, then it is also understandable. Bring it down.

2. Assholes who do not know how to create comfort at the household level. If a woman invited you to her house, and she has a srach at her house, despite the fact that she invited you, then you must be either very naive or simply imbecile to assume that by contacting her, you will receive something in your home -something else. Don't waste time, get out. Someone croaks about hiring a housekeeper. Truth? How about bringing helpers to the asshole? So twenty years, well, to wipe the dust faster?

3. Having bad habits - smoking, drinking excessively. Dirty woman. I don’t even know what can be described in detail here, clearly without it.

4. Working in the police, court, tax, bailiff and other government agencies. Power corrupts a woman irreversibly. Having received the opportunity to decide the fate of others through her professional activities, a woman inevitably extends her behavior to her personal life. It is naive to expect from such a primordially female function - the support of a man in his endeavors. She seriously sees herself as the mistress of the universe, which she will become in the very near future. It's great of course. But why are you like this?

5. The boss in any field. Just a boss, no matter where. Here, approximately the same as in paragraph 4.

6. Non-formals of all stripes. Rocker-bikers, dancers, other bohemia. Arguing with such people about moral and ethical principles is like teaching algebra to cockroaches. But if you need emotions-adventure, then this is the one. Pre-purchase a subscription to the KVD.

7. Just whistling, believing in any supernatural. All women without exception believe this, but some overdo it. If, when meeting, the first question from a woman is “who are you according to the horoscope?”, Answer - “goodbye”.

8. Living a woman's hole, mother's daughter. As a rule, the second is always obtained as a product of the first, and sometimes in other cases. A woman who did not have the correct model of relations between a man and a woman, who did not receive the correct upbringing, is not suitable for the role of a wife. Education is not education in educational institutions. It has been exemplified for a long time. And what kind of same-sex union of mother and grandmother can give an example, how can it teach a girl the right attitude towards a man? And the grandmother, who plays the role of a surrogate male head, is unlikely to create a correct idea of ​​​​how a man treats a woman. So, if you met your beloved family, and saw that dad is there, or a polar cosmonaut, or has a place in the family hierarchy somewhere between cockroaches and indoor flowers, immediately turn on the sibator. You can't even drink tea.

9. Women are older, the same age, or women slightly younger. A man must be much older. 7 years at least. Only in this way will the female instinct of a woman perceive him as the main one, which is a prerequisite for long-term quality relationships. When the difference is small, expect problems. The instinct will throw her up much more often, forcing her to check whether this male with whom she lives is stable and viable enough. Simply put, it will regularly blow your mind. And this is bad for you and for her. And even dangerous. Threatens you with stress, she - with a broken face.

Older women are strongly discouraged from being considered for the role of a life partner. It's been getting sadder and sadder lately. A man, seemingly adequate, contacts a woman 5 or more years older. Well, how to call it? "Fine"? Truth? Suppose he is 25, she is 30. And everything seems to be fine, she still looks good, and they look good next to each other. What's next? 5 years will pass. He is 30, she is 35. By this age, he is no longer a boy, perhaps he has achieved public recognition, a position. Young girls look at him, make eyes. And he looks around, and who does he see next to him? A woman whose age in 5 years or even earlier will roll strollers with their grandchildren through the streets. With all the accessories and options in the form of wrinkles and more. What will happen, given that five years ago, a dumpling stretched over the shoulders for a long time tears is understandable. You can't fuck with nature... Given that the goal of the family is children, it becomes clear that this option is not an option at all. Children should be born with the young.

10. Princesses. Women in their 30s or older who firmly believe they are a unique treasure that only the very best is worthy. She herself does not know which one, but definitely not those who sometimes show signs of attention to her. To such a sort. In our opinion, in a simple way - fucked up to the head. But if you are a fan of extreme sports, and you have six lives, then do not hesitate, grab and hold. Also, such women will be highly appreciated by those who are comfortable with the women described in paragraph 6.

11. CPR. Rafting with a trailer/trailers. Any age. At least 20 years. These are even worse. However, you should not rush and refuse such good. Decide first. If you are going to live with a woman to have and raise children, your children, that is one thing. And if you decide to devote your life to serving a worthless woman who screwed up her family at one time, and to the maintenance of someone else's offspring, then it might be worth taking a closer look. After all, you have four lives. Or how much is there? Six? Then if you replay something, shitty question.

12. Indigenous Muscovites. Terminally ill with an unknown disease causing an increase in heart rate, corona and conceit. The mentioned qualities-objects begin to cling to the Moon and make it difficult to communicate with others, especially with men. Or they just make it difficult.

13. Non-native Muscovites. The disease mentioned in the previous paragraph is contagious and there is no salvation for those who come in large numbers.

14. Daddy's daughters. From a family where the father is a high rank, or an authoritarian type, or both. The danger is that he will remain a significant male for her for the rest of her life, and the rest will look very pale against his background. Something like item 8, but only there the woman is forever tied by the umbilical cord, and here the authority of the father makes the comparison not in favor of the boyfriend. But there is salvation. This is a man better than his father. Richer, more influential, well, or just physically stronger, superior to his father at least in some way. But everything is better. It’s very good if, when you meet, you, as it were, hang pizdyulyah on daddy, not from evil, but purely for the sake of your daughter’s good. Then you have a chance that she will be yours forever. Otherwise, not the slightest. But this is a risky and ungrateful business, because there is a high probability that dad will not appreciate the care, and therefore it is suitable only for pp lovers. 6, 10, 11 and other extreme sportsmen.

15. Lovers of "travel". Their reality is in a different place than yours. These very "journeys" formed an emotional addiction, from which she will never get rid of. Well, you can probably create some kind of substitute for her. But why? Among them there are many who travel to hot countries alone, or with others like her, for the sake of "romance and passion." Yes, the ibipets are full of such local lovers of affordable meat. During the day, he wallows in the dust under a palm tree, and by evening he will wash off the mud in the sea, put on a jacket and go to the bar to glue the Russian whores waiting for him. To spend the night in her room is much more pleasant than on a beach lounger, you can understand it. Is it possible to understand our man, who is not embarrassed by the kilometers of black dicks that this fucking sex bomb let through?

16. Lazy, having no interests other than TV and social networks. The ability to post photos and be aware of the relationship of the characters in the TV show are not the skills that a woman should have. In itself, this may not be so bad, but when this is all that she knows and knows, then it’s understandable.

17. Childfree. If someone is not in the know - the rejection of children in favor of personal freedoms, this is the definition. The creation of a family has a single purpose - the birth and upbringing of children. Well, if a woman does not want to have children because she wants to have fun, then she is tightly fucked, which means what kind of family can she be with? Let him have fun without you. However, it may well fit for fucking. But not more.

18. Businesswoman. Why does a woman need a family? Maintenance, housing, protection, children. These usually have all this without a man. And even children. Such a woman is in a state of extreme stress, internal contradiction. On the one hand, "successful". On the other hand, you can’t fuck with nature, you want to give care and affection, but a child is not enough for this. Yes, and regular sex with a partner who knows all its features will never replace episodic mating. Whatever they say about "diversity" there. Pizza is everything. Yes, and not everyone is comfortable being a slut.

19. Socially unequal. Choose from your clearing. If you are a tough steelworker, a university teacher is unlikely to suit you. If you are middle-income-income, you will not fit into the environment of a rich heiress. Your name will be - primak. With all the consequences. If you are a wealthy gentleman, then Cinderella is not an option either. The main mistake of men in such cases is that they begin to tumble into it. Driver's license, mafia-apartments. And after some time they receive a statement that she achieved everything herself, and beautiful branched processes on her head. What's a rich man to do? Yes, do nothing. Fuck everyone you want and forget about the family. It is necessary to create a family with a woman whose significance is lower, of course, but not so much. And grow up with it. And here is what... Rogue people will need not you, but what you have. All in good time, gentlemen.

20. Eternal student. These are women who are excellent students at school, then the first higher, the second, the fifth. And so endlessly. She gets used to raising her self-esteem not through compliments and fuckers, but through the position of an intellectual. If her studies are taken away from her, then she simply will not understand why she lives. Well, it became to be what kind of family-children she had there. If she succeeds, then the children will be guaranteed fatherless, thrown at her parents.

Author: kazakuralsky, morena_morana