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20 facts about men who don't know women

What do women know about men? Only what they were told in women's magazines. As a result, women were taught to take care of themselves, seduce men, deftly manipulate and demand money. Nothing more. And then these girls are looking, in a women's magazine, what to do after a breakup. Try to understand the man, not correct him. Facts about men who don't know women.

Women don't understand men any more than we understand them. As a result, the girls are trying to change men, according to their idea. All this ends with partings, divorces and betrayals. What the fair sex does not know about men?

Facts about men who don't know women

1. Your parents pressure you all your life to justify their wishes. You will never be good enough. The son of a mother's friend is better, as is the husband of a wife's friend. You are always worse and do not live up to other people's expectations.

2. "A man's money is our common money, and my money is my money." 100% of women think so. You are considered the one who has to pay always and everywhere. You have to pay on a date, even if an unknown woman eats three hari. You pay more even in a permanent relationship, although now men and women earn about the same. You are a girl's wallet.

3. In online dating girls choose you, not you. 80% of the girls you text will never get back to you. It hurts your self-esteem a lot, even if you're pretty good.

4. In life, you must take the first steps when communicating with a girl. You have to run after the girl and get her. It's like you're nobody and she's a queen that needs to be appeased. The girl will give you hints that she will sleep with you if you try. But if you give a similar hint to a girl that you can impale her for good behavior, this will end in a breakup.

5. No one will compliment you. Girls are complimented by their girlfriends and men all the time. But a man, no matter how good he looks, no one will tell him about it. All the compliments addressed to him, the man remembers by heart.

6. A man cannot be kind to children, so that he is not suspected of various perversions and manic ideas. Girls may smile at children or say something, but men cannot. You will be accused of all mortal sins.

7. A girl can say that she is looking for a successful and tall man. If a man says this, then he will be called mercantile and stupid.

8. Your groin is the vulnerable part. Men are always afraid of being kicked in the balls. They subconsciously feel pain when they see another getting nuts. You are accused of spreading your legs wide in transport. It is difficult for girls to understand that men have a penis and balls there. Sitting with your legs together is physically unpleasant.

9. You want sex more than girls. This is how you are manipulated or reproached.

10. When a man loses his job and cannot find it for a while, the chances of losing a girlfriend or wife increase by an order of magnitude. After the dismissal of the man, many girls leave, and the wives file for divorce. These are statistics and the harsh realities of life.

11. You can never show emotions, let alone cry. You will be considered a weakling, a whiner or a jerk. Men shouldn't show emotions even when their lives are falling apart, as if they weren't human. It's emotionally overwhelming.

12. Girls always consider a man a potential criminal if they cross paths with him on a dark street, in an elevator or in another place. They look at you like a maniac.

13. Hugs are psychologically necessary for every person. But men do not have physical contact with other people, when girls are often hugged by girlfriends, parents and simple acquaintances. Therefore, if a man is not in a relationship, he suffers from a lack of intimacy.

14. You have a great responsibility in providing for your family. You should be the breadwinner of the family and earn more. But a girl can easily be a housewife and do nothing. Nobody considers it reprehensible.

15. Men are rarely given custody of children, even if the mother is inadequate. Men are not heard at all in the courts, taking away children and giving them to their mothers.

16. You are always afraid that your penis is not big enough for a girl, you may fail in bed or you are not strong enough. But when parting, her girlfriends will say that you have a small one, and a bad lover. What nonsense, when the only thing a girl did in bed was lay like a log and moan?

17. Men are more likely to be attacked and harassed. You have to protect yourself and everyone around you like you're superman. What is the Middle Ages?

18. All modern girls have become feminists. They claim that you oppress them and your view of gender relations is wrong. Let them treat themselves, not men. Feminists fight not for equality, but for advantages. After all, you will retire later, die earlier, and in court against a woman you will lose by default.

19. Parents, acquaintances, a girl and her relatives constantly put pressure on you to get married. After all, you have to take the first step. And you're not ready for it yet. Why do you have to do this and feel guilty all the time?

20. Most men will either go bald or gray. It infuriates us, although we do not show it.

This is not a hit on girls, but an attempt to give more information. We love you girls. But do not forget that there are many other girls around. [thirty].