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15 reasons to have sex

Married and long-term couples in love often avoid sex. They are looking for reasons not to have sex and not offend their partner. But this is a road to nowhere. Make love even when you don't want to. List of reasons that will encourage you to have sex more and more often.

Your significant other doesn't want to have sex? Or maybe you yourself shirk from the performance of marital duties? Not good. We have found good reasons to make love that will convince your soulmate and yourself to indulge in love pleasures.

Life is too short to put off sex for retirement and even tomorrow. Here is a list of reasons why you should have sex today and now. And can get involved in regular sex every day.

Reasons to have sex

1. Sex gives pleasure

Sex does not always bring the expected pleasure, but if you do not engage in it, then there will definitely not be an orgasm and relaxation. Have sex, which in the end will have a great effect on the level of satisfaction. Orgasm is what you were missing.

2. Sex improves mood

No mood, depression, head full of things and everything is bad? Bad mood and depression are best expelled by proven folk methods, not pills. This is a good reason to have sex.

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. It smoothes out wrinkles and makes the skin glow. Regular sex makes you look and feel younger than your years. Do you want to always look better than your peers? For this, you will have to “work”, or rather, have sex.

4. Sex improves relationships in a couple

Often we are a little angry at each other, offended, and sometimes indifferent. Have sex to get closer, improve relationships, and increase your level of affection. There will be more harmony in the family, but fewer quarrels and tastier dinners.

5. Sex keeps fit

Reason to have sex? Nice physical shape. Sex is a great way to keep your form up to date. The development of muscle groups, joint flexibility and regular training in the style of crossfit.

6. Sex energizes

Intimacy exhausts us and gives us strength at the same time. Having sex, we begin to feel better and more energetic. We feel that we can move mountains and achieve everything.

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7. Sex improves health

Having sex reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. The probability of most diseases is reduced by two or more times. Sex has a beneficial effect on health and well-being, which will make life longer and happier.

8. Sex relieves pain

Headache or something else? Headache is not the reason for not having sex, and sex will help get rid of it. Sex will help with ailments, being an excellent pain reliever. We recommend to everyone.

9. Sex improves self-esteem and confidence

People who have a regular sex life feel more confident in themselves and their bodies. Sexual activity increases our attractiveness and confidence.

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10. Sex takes care of intimate health

A healthy prostate gland in men and a full-fledged work of the female reproductive system. Sex improves the sexual health of both sexes.

11. Sex improves sleep

Do you want to sleep soundly or suffer from insomnia? The best way to get rid of these misfortunes is sex. Make love and your body releases hormones that make you feel relaxed and sleepy. You will sleep better, stronger and longer.

12. Sex calms the nerves

What helps to calm the nerves and bring health back to normal? Sex. It calms the nerves better than pills, and much more useful than them.

13. Sex invigorates in the morning

Morning sex helps to start the day with something beautiful. You will get a dose of good mood and a supply of energy.

14. Sex helps to forget and relax

Sex plunges us into another wonderful world, which does not look like a harsh and boring reality. Sex helps to become a part of something bigger, enjoy love and plunge into passion.

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15. Sex makes love stronger

Sex brings you closer physically and emotionally. Sex makes love stronger and your relationship happier.

Good old sex solves a lot of problems and improves your life. A good tool anytime, anywhere and in any way. Do you still need reasons to have sex? Get it by youself. Love each other and have sex.