15 interesting questions and answers about beer

We drink beer regularly, but what do we know about it? Here are interesting facts, myths and studies for you, the knowledge of which you can show off in front of your friends. How much beer is drunk now and how much was it drunk in antiquity? Curious questions and no less amusing answers about beer.

Approximately 10 thousand years BC. your ancestors have already appreciated beer. But what do you know about this ancient and noble drink?

15 interesting questions and answers about beer

1. How popular is beer? Beer is the third largest drink after water and tea. It is the most popular alcoholic drink. About 10-15 million people drink beer every day. On weekends, these numbers are much higher.

2. Where do people drink beer the most? In the Czech Republic they consume 156 liters per year, Ireland - 131, Germany - 115. In Russia, this drink is consumed only 59 liters per year. But it's not as much as people used to drink. Why? Read on!

3. How much beer did they drink in ancient times? Inhabitants of medieval Europe drank 300 liters of beer! The quality of the water left much to be desired, and the beer bacteria killed the bad bacteria. Therefore, it was safer to drink beer than water. And the monks who brewed beer received 5 liters of this drink every day.

4. Is alcohol added to strong beer? The standard strength of beer is 4-5%, which depends on the yeast and the density of the beer wort. It doesn't make sense to add alcohol to beer when strains of yeast have long existed to provide a stronger brew.

5. How quickly does the average person drink beer? If from a bottle, then in 11 minutes. Out of the glass is much faster and only 7 minutes. We are talking about 0.5 liters of beer.

6. What is the most popular beer festival? Of course, this is the Oktoberfest, which is held annually in Munich at the end of September.

7. Are there hormones in beer? Detractors of beer like to claim that estrogen in beer suppresses male testosterone. This is a very popular myth, which has not been properly confirmed by scientists. In order for the estrogen in beer to affect a person, he needs to drink about 20 tons of beer at a time! Therefore, such an effect of beer is nothing more than a myth.

8. What is the calorie content of beer? Many beer drinkers are overweight, which has led to the myth that beer is high in calories. The calorie content of beer is not as high as everyone says. Only 430 calories per 0.5 liter bottle. It's less than sodas and juices.

9. Why do people get fat from beer? People get fat primarily not from beer, but from snacks. These are chips, salted nuts, fish, cheese, sausages and other similar products.

10. Do scientists study beer? Of course! There is a special science called "Zitology". The name of science comes from the words "Zythos" (beer) and "logos" (study).

11. How much beer can you drink a day? An absolutely harmless norm for a healthy person is 0.5 liters of beer per day. But it is recommended to do this not every day, but at least every other day.

12. What happens if the beer is frozen? Beer freezes at about minus 2 degrees. After defrosting, it can be drunk, but it loses its taste.

13. Can I drink beer after a workout? You can drink beer, but it neutralizes the effect of training. Doctors do not recommend combining any alcohol and beer. But if you drank beer after a workout, it recommends choosing foods for snacks that contain protein. Is it cheese, meat or fish.

14. Who invented beer? According to scholars, the inventors of beer are the Egyptians. About 10 thousand years BC. they learned how to make beer. But they couldn't filter the beer and drank it through a straw because of the malt residue.

15. Is beer good or bad? In large quantities it is harmful, but in small quantities it is beneficial. Beer strengthens bones, reduces the risk of kidney stones, has a positive effect on cardiac circulation, improves skin and hair.

Maybe for a beer?