12 Ingredients of Financial Freedom

Becoming financially independent is a logical desire of almost every modern person. What do you need to have, how to act and who to be in order to achieve financial freedom?

What does financial success consist of?


Faith is a fundamental factor, one of the most important. If there is no Belief in yourself, your deeds and success, then by 99.99% the other factors, even with their positive value, will no longer play a role. You have to believe in yourself and your financial success!

Absence of negative internal attitudes towards money

We have singled out such an ambiguous factor, which is difficult to feel and measure. Often it comes to us from childhood and passes to us from parents who tell us that money is evil, all troubles come from them, etc.

This takes root in our minds and a “program” begins to live in us that carefully protects us from these “evil money”. And therefore, as in the famous song of Mironov from the "Diamond Hand": "no matter what they do, nothing is caught."

Sometimes we set these attitudes for ourselves already in adult (conscious) age, when we say that there is no money, complain about their lack, etc. And here, what we say (and therefore think (!), That's what we get. Life gives us what we ask. We talk about the shortcomings of something - here, hold, receive and sign.

Decision This problem exists. These are multiple positive (the opposite of your negative attitudes) statements - affirmations for success and affirmations for attracting money. I highly recommend studying the site of a well-known psychologist and specialist in this field, a master of positive thinking - Alexander Sviyash.

The absence of negative karma

This invisible burden comes to us from past lives, sometimes from this one. The bottom line is that you have to pay for everything. poor - live in poverty yourself. Something like that. You can also read about negative karma and its impact on your financial success from Sviyash or A. N. Lazarev, having bought the corresponding book.

A certain way of thinking (entrepreneurial)

motherly way of thinking. At the moment, it is quite difficult for me to state and convey to you, the reader, a clear definition of this factor, since now I am not an entrepreneur. But still I'll try.

The bottom line is something like this - you see the money. See where and how you can earn them, what you need to do for this. You earn them. You are not afraid of risk and are ready to take responsibility. You are not employed - you are self-employed.

The presence of goals in life and a firm understanding of why you need the money itself

No goals - nowhere to go. Goals should be, any. Over time, they can change, this is normal, and do not be afraid to set yourself the “wrong goal”. Life, if you listen and look closely for its signs, will let you know if you have gone the wrong way.

Our subconscious starts working when we give it a picture of what we want, it then “understands” and helps us achieve the goal. It should be as clear as possible and marked in time. And if we just want money, he doesn’t understand us…. and there was no money, and no. In general, money is not an end in itself, remember that.

Continuous investment (reinvestment)

Pay-your-self works well here. Earned money - set aside 10-30% - invested. And so constantly. It does not matter how much this amount is in absolute terms, even 1000 rubles on a deposit is already an investment. The main thing is regularity. Over time, this will pay dividends, the mathematics of large numbers will work. Who has not read Kioysaki, we urgently read common truths.


Here, as nowhere better, a folk saying fits: “Water does not flow under a lying stone.” Thought - act. You don't have to be afraid of mistakes. Mistakes are our friend. They will teach you how to do it right: learn a lesson - you will no longer make mistakes.

Laziness, perfectionism, fear of failure - these are all from this series, these are the factors that prevent us from moving on - we stand and do nothing. Understand yourself. What is stopping you from taking action? Eliminate this cause immediately! There are no real external reasons preventing you from acting. If there is something, then it is inside you, and you are able to remove those internal factors that hinder you.


This is where the Bed of Straw principle comes into play. Some force majeure should not unsettle you and throw you on the sidelines of life. Therefore, everything that is dear to you is insured. And it is necessary to start not with a car and an apartment. And from yourself and your loved ones - this is generally priceless. Therefore, we study endowment life insurance, we insure ourselves. And then we insure tangible assets.

A set of correct financial habits

For simplicity and clarity, I will give a few examples

- the habit of bargaining

- the habit of buying only what what is really needed

- the habit of paying yourself first of all

- the “habit” of always being positive

, etc.

The good thing about habits is that we do what helps us automatically, without even thinking. We don't spend a lot of time doing what works for us.

Having multiple sources of income

Multiple sources of income is a kind of insurance against a drop in income at a particular point in time due to force majeure. Most people have one source of income - employment. This is not bad, but not enough to be financially wealthy.

It is impossible to insure against the loss of a job, but it is possible to resolve the issue of “not losing income”. By creating different independent sources of income. For example: some kind of “hack”, interest on a deposit, income from renting property, income from securities, entrepreneurial activity, etc.


The point is that if one source is "covered with a copper basin", then you do not sit in a puddle, because you have alternative sources of income that will allow you to be afloat.

Healthy lifestyle

I don't know what to comment here. In general, if there is no health, then why do you need wealth? Health must be taken care of and protected while it lasts. Unfortunately, in our country, most people begin to deal with it after they have found the sore. By the way, most of the sores we "earn" ourselves. Draw your own conclusions gentlemen.

Continuous learning

I hope everyone remembers what "grandfather Lenin" bequeathed to us? Who does not know - Learn, Learn and Learn again. What is up to you. But you have to learn, and constantly. Otherwise stop - stagnation. Your education is the most profitable investment in the world! Here are the main things that, in our opinion, directly or indirectly, greatly affect our financial well-being. Would you like to explore these issues in more depth? Read the books mentioned in this article. Author: Ivan Zakharov