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11 secrets women keep from their men

Girls try not to talk about what can harm them in a relationship with a man. What are all the girls hiding? What skeletons are kept in the closet by the fair sex?

Women are physically weaker, so they prefer to act with intelligence and cunning. They try not to reveal all their secrets to a man in order to have a couple of good trump cards up their sleeves. What women are silent about and will never tell their man?

Women hide the following secrets from men

1. Number of ex-men. Women will never tell the truth and usually give the number two. You will always be her second, even if she was not the most firm of views all her youth. About the first man, all women tell the same thing. If a girl was married, then it was her husband who was the first and last. Or there will be a touching story about the first guy who died in the army, emigrated to another country or committed suicide.

2. Ideal appearance. Girls often hide the fact that their perfect appearance is the result of many cosmetic efforts or even surgeons. Girls shave off all excess hair, but hide it. Mother nature has tried on their beauty, the girls are cunning.

3. Relationship difficulties. You may not even suspect that the girl has relationship problems and cries at night. She can go to a psychologist alone or consult with her friends. The latter is done by all girls without exception. Women, with the help of their friends, try to better deal with a man and get what they want from him. It could be marriage, children, or dominance in a relationship.

4. Personal money. Women like to hide the true size of their salary, the presence of bank accounts and stash. This is due to the fact that a woman is always afraid of parting with a man and preparing for the worst scenario.

5. Control over a man. Women look through the man's phone, his messages, calls, profile in social networks. Women learn about new colleagues at work and the behavior of a man in other places through their "spies". But the girl will never admit that she controls every step of the man.

6. Overweight. Women try to hide their weight lines even when they have gained weight. They use special lingerie, undress in the dark, cover themselves and panic in drawing in their stomachs.

7. Flirting with other men. The girls often hang out with other men and try to keep a couple of spare suitors behind them. These can be mutual acquaintances, colleagues at work, or an ex. But they will never tell their man about it.

8. Various purchases. Women pay with different cards and hide new purchases. Women buy much more things than a man can imagine.

9. Health problems. If a girl has health problems, then she will not talk about this man. She will hide about it and secretly undergo treatment so as not to destroy her created image of a good and healthy future wife.

10. Hair coloring. Men may long believe that this is a woman's natural hair color. A woman can dye her hair all her life, and her husband never finds out that his wife is not a blonde at all. This secret will die with her hairdresser.

11. Sexual life. Many women want to try sex with a girl, with two partners, or with a man's friend. But they never admit it. A man may not have the biggest cock, and she fakes orgasms quite regularly. Sexual life keeps the most number of secrets that cannot be enumerated.

All women hide from a man those things that can ruin a relationship or marriage. What is your girlfriend hiding from you? Or is she "not like you"?