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101 tips to save money and be richer

How do you manage money wisely to keep as much of it in your wallet as possible? Useful saving habits and life hacks that will help reduce spending at any salary. How to save money and be richer?

Spending less and earning more is the main motto of a good and prosperous life. It is possible and necessary to save money at any salary level. Saving money will allow you to save money for other important things or vacations. Simple rules and life hacks that will help you save on food, cooking, electricity and other things. How to save money and be richer?

101 tips on how to save money and be richer

1. Cook at home, take food to work with you, eat less often in cafes and fast food restaurants.

2. Stop buying coffee, tea or juice on the way every day. Drink at home or at work.

3. Write down all your expenses so that later you can analyze all expenses without prejudice.

4. Withdraw money only from your ATM or partners, which will allow you to avoid commission.

5. Go to the store less often, this will avoid the temptation to buy unnecessary things.

6. Pay bills and monthly payments immediately, this will allow you not to miss out on mandatory spending and not be left without the Internet.

7. Switch to more economical tariffs for mobile phone and home internet.

8. Make a shopping list before going to the store.

9. Instead of crowded vehicles, walk or ride a bike.

10. Call your cell phone less often and switch to instant messengers.

11. Don't buy branded expensive goods when there are more affordable goods of excellent quality.

12. Buy energy-saving light bulbs for the entire apartment.

13. Turn off lights and all electronics when not in use.

14. Use discount and discount cards.

15. Set aside some money for unexpected expenses.

16. Do not buy perishable food.

17. Spend less money on girls and trying to please them.

18. Ditch disposable razors for more durable ones.

19. Buy in bulk for a whole month cereals, cereals and other non-perishable products.

20. Go to the store only on a full stomach, this will avoid unnecessary purchases.

21. Discuss a financial plan with family, wife or children. This will avoid unnecessary spending.

22. Pay attention to the weight and volume of the product when buying.

23. Do not buy a lot of cleaning products by listening to sly sellers.

24. Pay off loans as quickly as possible to save on interest.

25. When buying, pay in cash, not by card. This allows you to clearly see how much you are spending.

26. Compare prices in different shops and places.

27. Avoid impulsive shopping and analyze your behavior in the store.

28. Don't spend money on bottled water, but buy a good water filter.

29. Don't be afraid to defend your interests if you are deceived in the store.

30. Buy seasonal products when they are cheap and affordable.

31. Often the cheapest goods are on the lower shelves, and the most expensive ones are higher.

32. Save water and take a shower instead of a bath.

33. Traveling by car is more expensive than by public transport.

34. Don't buy into the words: “discount, “sale”, “two for the price of one”.

35. Spend less money on entertainment, cafes, restaurants and clubs.

36. The fact that we live once is not a reason to spend all the money.

37. Do not drive a car, it will save gas and get rid of fines.

38. Get rid of the habit of throwing tea leaves and other things down the toilet and then flushing. There is a trash can.

39. Light wallpaper reflects light better and helps save electricity. Clean windows allow you to turn on the lights later.


40. Always draw up a marriage contract, this will protect against loss of money and from the wrong choice of partner.

41. Do disease prevention from dentistry to flea remedies for cats.

42. Do not buy semi-finished products, but cook yourself.

43. Check the receipt when buying.

44. Learn to take care of things from shoes to your phone.

45. Keep your receipts when you leave the store. This will allow you to return the marriage and analyze the purchases.

46. Do not buy on credit or by installments, but save up and buy a thing in a cheaper place.

47. Attend agricultural fairs and markets.

48. Give up bad habits of smoking, drinking and other such things. Or do it less!

49. Always make a will. This will take into account the interests of loved ones.

50. When renting housing, choose carefully. This will help you avoid spending many more months.

51. Do not buy too much food, which then has to be thrown away.

52. Choose a bank that offers the best conditions and treats customers better.

53. Do not lend to people who will not repay. Try not to give money to anyone at all.

54. Always run money for the work you do.

55. When buying a gym membership go to it or buy one-time visits.

56. Think before buying a cheap item for at least 10 seconds. This will save you from impulsive spending.

57. Think before you buy an expensive item for at least 30 days. This will allow you to choose the best offer on the market or to completely abandon the temporary desire to buy, inspired by advertising or circumstances.

58. Do not pay for others in cafes and other places.

59. Rent things if you only need them once, instead of buying them.

60. Check phones for unnecessary subscriptions that pull money.

61. Get a piggy bank for change.

62. Optimize transport costs.

63. Train yourself not to spend money, but to keep it as long as possible.

64. Use cards and sites that return part of the amount from purchases.

65. Sell things you don't need to make money.

66. Don't spend money to relieve stress and depression.

67. Buy quality items. You are not rich enough to buy cheap things.

68. Replace paid entertainment with free entertainment.

69. Do not spend money on show-offs, new phones and branded items.

70. Shop after the holidays when they are cheaper while on sale.

71. Make a gift yourself instead of buying it in a store.

72. Work out at home and run outside instead of buying a gym membership.

73. Torn, broken or damaged items can be salvaged. To do this, there are workshops for the repair of clothes, shoes and equipment.

74. Don't buy a new car or bike. Equipment becomes cheaper by 25% as soon as it leaves the store.

75. Learn to say “no” to your whim to spend money on nonsense.

76. Shop with friends when it comes to "two for the price of one"

77. Install a double flush on the toilet and fix the faulty dripping faucet. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth or shave. This will save water bills.

78. Refuse additional services that you do not use.

79. Insulate the house for the winter, put good windows and doors.

80. Learn minimalism in clothing, food and lifestyle. This will cut costs and make life easier.

81. Do not buy too many gifts for children. Better pay more attention and care.

82. Don't be fooled by the numbers 99. The price of 499 rubles is 500, not 400 rubles.

83. Buy energy-saving household appliances.

84. Buy a pressure cooker and a microwave, it will save you money.

85. Bathe less meat, replacing it with vegetables and fruits.

86. Watch movies at home, not at the cinema.

87. Buy a hair clipper instead of a monthly haircut.

88. Buy things in online stores where they are cheaper.

89. Inflate the tires on the car. This will save gasoline.

90. Install apps that help you keep track of your income and expenses.

91. Register an apartment for yourself, not for your wife, relatives, or anyone else.

92. Always spend less than you get.

93. Exchange things with friends. Especially when you have children.

94. Do things with your own hands, instead of calling the master.

95. Beware of thieves in transport and at home. Do not buy into fairy tales from various swindlers and charlatans.

96. Instead of going to a bar, invite your friends to meet with one of you.

97. Carefully read all the contracts you sign. Especially small letters!

98. Save 10-20% of the money you earn and 30% of your additional income.

99. Always be open to new job offers and don't be afraid to change your life for the better.

100. A penny saves a ruble. Save any money.

101. Things never make us happy. Do not buy a lot of unnecessary things. Happiness lies elsewhere.

And how do you save and save money?