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10 things that are guaranteed to turn girls on in sex

The fair sex said what turns them on the most in bed and sex. What should men do to excite girls more and bring them to orgasm? How to be a great lover, from which girls are always crazy and panties? Things that are guaranteed to turn girls on and make them your sex slaves.

If a girl likes to avoid sex, complains about the lack of mood and desire, then you should think about it. Girls don't run from good sex. How to help a girl get more excited and get a better orgasm?

Things that are guaranteed to turn girls on in sex

1. Massage and some romance before sex. Many girls avoid sex because they are not in the mood or not excited enough. If a man starts with romantic courtship and massage, then sex is simply guaranteed in 90% of cases.

2. Compliments during sex. Men often say compliments in order to get a girl into bed, but then remain silent. Many girls expect men to admire their body, beauty and sexuality during sex. This additionally turns on almost all women.

3. Male moans in sex. We are used to hearing women moan in bed. They are very exciting. But girls are turned on by men's moans no less. It says so much to a man well in sex.

4. Dirty talk. When a man speaks, in a woman's ear, really vulgar and dirty things. When he calls a woman's name during the climax. It's very exciting.

5. Male dominance in sex. When a man is aggressive and dominates a girl. When he throws the girl on the bed, rips off her clothes, treats her rudely and behaves like a strong male. Girls love to obey and surrender to the mercy of the winner.

6. Caressing the nipples and breasts. The female breast responds very positively to all male influences. When a man licks, sucks, lightly bites and caresses a woman's breasts. The girl has sensitive not only nipples, but also the area around.

7. An abundance of kisses. Kissing always turns girls on even more. The man covers the entire female body with kisses. Many girls instantly get goosebumps when a man kisses them on the neck, back, thighs or legs. Kissing is relevant during foreplay and during sex itself.

8. Biting and scratching during sex. Not all girls are afraid of hickeys, scratches and bruises. Some girls are turned on when a man lightly bites and scratches during passion. But this must be done carefully and not in one place, otherwise it will hurt. Light and quick biting of the skin in different places.

9. The man listens attentively. The man is very attentive to the girl and does as she asks. This allows you to reveal all the secret desires of the girl and a map of her erogenous zones.

10. A man is diverse in sex. A man is not satisfied with a couple of positions, but loves to experiment in sex. Various sex positions, unexpected places for sex, use of sex toys and role-playing. When a man is in order with a sex fantasy, then the female orgasms are also in order.

How much do you turn on a girl in sex and satisfy her with orgasms? Use a list and it's guaranteed to make sex better.