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10 things men secretly love about their wives

Deep down, most men secretly love their special traits in their wives. Although they are not ready to admit it either to the outside world, or, even more so, to their own wives and even to themselves.

From the outside, it often seems that many husbands either treat their wives in a rather consumeristic way, or simply do not take them seriously. But when we are asked direct questions, we are always ready to admit that we do not just love our wives - we can safely say that we really have something to love them for.

After all, our women help us in so many, not only in small, but also in large matters and things. Imagine that we would praise them from morning until evening, and this would still not be enough. Yes, sometimes we, husbands, do not shower you with compliments, attention and care enough, but know that deep down most men secretly love their special character traits in their wives - although they are not ready to admit it to the world around them, much less, their own wives and even themselves. So, know, our beloved ones, there are at least 10 things that your husbands are simply delighted with - even if they will never admit it.

1. Wives do not think, but do

Our wives are not accustomed to long talk, and wondering if something is worth doing. When they see that something is required of them, they just go ahead and do it. And much more often, you don’t even know that this “something” was done - unless, of course, the wife at first did not ask you to do it for a long time - and after two or three weeks, remembering the order, you found that it had already done.

2. Wives always remember what we forget

Despite all the jokes about “girl memory”, as a rule, it is men who tend to forget something, barely heard of it. Our wives, on the other hand, have excellent memories - and this phenomenon of theirs has both a good and a bad side. They are quite capable of remembering all the mistakes and flaws ever committed by husbands. Fortunately, in most cases, they either turn a blind eye to them, or even forgive their husbands for all these nonsense. That is why it is so easy for us to love them.

3. Our wives become great mothers

Yes, yes, our wives with children - no matter how many of them - are just great. It is not for nothing that scientific studies show that it is their mothers and their level of education that are largely responsible for the level of education of children. And it's not even that they help children with their studies and homework. They act as an ideal for their children, which is worth being equal to. Not without reason, in most families, when children grow up and leave their parental home, they usually call their mothers. And professional athletes, remembering those to whom they owe their current successes, most often remember not fathers, but mothers.

4. Wives love us, despite all our imperfections

We all need to admit it... All men sometimes do very stupid things, but their wives, as a rule, steadfastly endure their every stupidity, only occasionally rolling their eyes or clasping their hands. And even when we say or do something that makes them doubt the soundness of our mind, they do not stop loving us. From day to day, we husbands rejoice that our wives love us - and will continue to love us, no matter what.

5. Wives are always ready to comfort us when we are sick

Men are simply not able to bear the disease. Most women are quite capable of not even showing that they are sick. And even when they are sick, they continue to take care of the house - women simply cannot do otherwise. But when their husbands are put to bed by a banal cold... oh, it almost always turns into an "I'm dying, urgently call an ambulance" situation. Our wives know it's not all that bad, but despite that, they're willing to spend time lisping over us, even to the point of taking the day off to do it. When was the last time you took the day off to care for your sick wife? Beloved women, you are always ready to spend your time on us - well, how can you not love you for this?

6. Wives always know what would be so delicious to cook for us

Admittedly, our wives always knew the true path to our heart, the path that lies through our stomach. After all, you must admit - sometimes it is divinely fried meat, baked potatoes, strawberry pie or stewed lentils that makes us unconditionally surrender to the mercy of our soul mates. Our wives are just incredible - despite the fact that many of them work, they still manage to remain masters of the kitchen. Yes, of course, in our time, many husbands have also mastered the great art of cooking - but not all.

7. Wives are able to predict a lot

Our wives' instincts are much thinner than the most sensitive radar! They know that something is about to happen or that we are about to need something long before we ourselves know it. And for this trait of theirs, we simply adore our wives. After all, it is she who pulls us out of a lot of trouble, and gives us a bunch of different benefits - both short-term and long-term.

8. Wives always know what and where lies

Have you ever paid attention to the fact that whenever you ask your beloved where an object is that you cannot find, she will always give you the answer to this question? She knows where you left your keys, dropped your iPhone, or, for example, where you tucked a pair of shabby but so beloved trousers. True, they usually know this precisely because they put all these things in a place where they will be "safe" until we need them. But even if they did not do this, they still know what and where lies. I don't know how, but they do. And we love them very much for it.

9. Wives always know what and how to tell us

The world around us should learn from them. After all, our wives really know how to say what is needed, and when it is needed. Also, when we say something that shouldn't have been said, it's usually our wives who end up defusing the situation, or pushing us to say something that could make up for all our sins. When we have trouble at work, and even when we suddenly lose it, our wives always know how to turn our conversation in the right direction.

10. Our wives are much smarter than us

This is true. Fortunately, we are all married - married to those who are smarter, smarter and more savvy than us. Of course, most of the time we are not ready to admit it, but deep down we know that it is true. Just remember, how many times did it happen that you realized that your wife had calculated several options for possible events in advance, or that she had more reasonable arguments than you? Our wives and daughters are created by nature itself to be more pragmatic and smart than we are, and there's nothing to be done about it.

Often men either take their women for granted or simply don't take them seriously. But when we are asked direct questions, we are always ready to admit that we do not just love our wives - that we have them, why we love them.

And therefore, all of us should step on our pride on the throat, and start saying “thank you” to them. And you need to do this as often as possible. Stop pretending that the whole world revolves around us. Women deserve to sing their praises day after day - especially those who chose not someone there, but us. And if we can, it's worth showing them that we love them more than we could ever put into words.

After all, they deserve it.

Source: Darrel Hammon