10 signs of a fool

What makes a woman a fool according to men and women? Contacting a woman with a fool, unfortunately, is more expensive for yourself. How to identify fools in order to bypass them? 1. A fool has no brakes. If something worries her, you will certainly know about it. In such a form that it will not seem small.

2. A fool does not have a career, but there is a desire to appear more successful than she really is. Acrylic nails and a new iPhone replace self-development for a fool.

3. Fat ass. If a woman has a fat ass, be sure: in front of you is definitely a fool.

4. A fool has idols. It doesn’t matter who the fool is praying for: whether it’s Alla Pugacheva, or Lena Miro. The important thing is that a fool needs an ass, which she will furiously lick in the hope of a “like” from an idol.

5. A fool needs a man. Without a man, a fool feels inferior. Sexual relations occupy 80 percent of the thoughts of a fool. The rest are for rest and work that fools do under duress.

6. A fool does not read books.

7. Stupid post photos of food on Instagram.

8. A fool is offended by her parents and blames them for not giving her something there.

9. The fool smokes.

10. A fool has no business with which she burns. The fool is not particularly fond of anything.

Well, what: how much did you count?

By the way, you can continue the list. What makes a woman a fool in your eyes?

Author: Lena Miro