10 reasons to start traveling

With the advent of travel agencies, we can no longer be called "travelers". Why beat a typical tourist who travels in a herd, taking pictures only from the bus and buying fridge magnets?

"The world is a book, and if you haven't travelled, you've only read one page" Cecilia Ahern "The Time of My Life"

With the advent of travel agencies, we can no longer be called "travellers". We are just "tourists" killing time on our vacations to Turkey, Egypt, Thailand.

If we're worried about in-room wi-fi, how many stars a hotel has, what will be served for breakfast, and if there's a pool, then it's more like a vacation for a lazy person who has never travelled. Why even such a vacation?

Why beat a typical tourist who travels in herds, takes pictures from the bus, everything in a row, afraid of losing the guide. Buys fridge magnets, posing as a great discoverer of the world, according to the number of visas in the passport.

Traveling means discovering the country by yourself, without guidebooks and trodden places. Walk the trails with the locals, explore the culture of the place from the inside, not from the windows of the hotel.

No opportunity to travel to another continent, travels in his own country. Explore its places, find something unique. Stay in cheap hotels, cook yourself, sleep in a tent, take your friends with you, hitchhike. Make your trip unique. Don't make it look like a flyer.

I am for simple ordinary, familiar travel. The ones that our parents, grandparents did when they traveled with tents all over the country. Closer to nature and to yourself.

And so 10 reasons to start traveling.

1. Traveling with a backpack on your back, you can be yourself in the company of your best friends.

2. You can be alone with nature, enjoy a quiet evening, a summer sunset and the company of a loved one, away from the bustle of the city.

3. You can enjoy the unique views of wildlife, reflect on the meaning of life.

4. Get to know each other better, dream together, drink tea, say kind words, support, give words of promise that after many years, being old people, you will return to this place.

5. Or maybe you have long dreamed of being alone with yourself. Pause to take a breath.

6. Once in a lifetime, you need to meet a new day with the sun. Enjoy its real sunrise, slowly going to work, shopping, in the subway.

7. You can discover a new world, and its true beauty and grandeur.

8. You can breathe in the forest air, take a walk under the trees, pick berries for tea, go for a run. It changes a person, makes it possible to look inside oneself, calm the mind.

9. Traveling in nature is an opportunity to know both its greatness and simplicity, which disarms. Makes you think about the vanity of this world. This kind of travel is needed to unmask us, to give us the opportunity not to play the role of scientists.

10. Opportunity to know ourselves: even if we do not gain the truth, but at least put things in order in our own lives.