10 reasons to choose the cheapest hotel.

Do you think that paying a lot of money for a room is a guarantee that the staff will be polite, helpful and will carry you in their arms? Hotel selection.

Not at all! Choosing a hotel is not an easy task. Should you stay in luxury apartments or prefer budget options? Here are 10 reasons to choose a budget hotel.

Familiar picture: you choose a hotel, and the reservation system suggested you a dozen acceptable hotels. Do you doubt whether to prefer the cheapest, or is it better to abandon this dubious option? Take your time and think!

Why do you need a hotel?

Unless it's a honeymoon, you're not likely to spend much time in a hotel - you only need it to sleep. So is it worth it to overpay for having designer furniture in your room and a bouquet of fresh flowers by the bed? You won't have time to enjoy it all!

Don't miss out on the sale.

Are you going to leave the hotel just because it's suspiciously cheap? Find out more about it: maybe it's a great deal, and usually the rooms there are much more expensive. Many hotels have a flexible pricing policy: in the low season they greatly reduce the cost of rooms. This is especially true for hotels owned by large chains: they have the opportunity to redistribute income and sometimes set very reasonable prices.

Location matters.

Before making a choice, find your hotel on the map. Do you think a slightly more expensive hotel would be more comfortable? In fact, fashionable hotels for business travelers are often located near exhibition centers, which is convenient for business travelers, but not at all for those travelers who want to see the city. Or, on the contrary, the hotel raises the price due to the fact that it is located in the center, and you would prefer to settle on the outskirts near the beach.

Extra services.

When you lived in a hotel with a gym, did you ever visit it? Do you need a 24/7 concierge service? All these, in fact, useless services for many, significantly increase the cost of rooms. So is it worth it to overpay for something you don't need?

It is better to overpay for air tickets.

Air tickets sometimes “eat up” a large part of the travel budget. But if you are ready to overpay for comfort, it is better to spend more money on them: refuse to connect, choose a convenient time for departure and arrival, choose places with more legroom so that when you arrive at the place, you don’t feel completely overwhelmed.

Have breakfast on your own.

It's no secret that more expensive hotels include breakfast in the room rate. Do you really want to overpay for all the culinary delights of local chefs, or is it enough for you to eat a couple of yogurts bought in the nearest supermarket in the morning? Perhaps you should think about a cheap hotel, where you will have to pay for food separately?

Don't pay for the name.

Staying in a hotel with a name and history is much more expensive. Moreover, there may well be disgusting service, rude staff and authentic historical long-term dirt in the rooms. It is not uncommon for hotels to charge more just for claiming exclusivity by calling themselves a "boutique hotel." Meanwhile, in a simple private hotel there can be inexpensive and very pleasantly designed rooms.

Your hotel is not the cheapest.

Do you consider it beneath your dignity to live in the cheapest hotel? Believe me: for sure there are even more modest options in terms of budget and services! No one will consider you a loser just because you like to save money.

Stay in the best room.

Would you rather live in an ordinary room in an expensive hotel or in the best apartments in a cheap one? When you arrive, check what's on offer before you check in, find out what you don't like, and ask for a nicer room: in most cases, unless it's the hottest season, you'll be welcomed. And in some Asian countries, it’s even customary to bargain for a room: for a start, you will be offered either the worst option at an inflated price, or, on the contrary, the best option at an incredibly high price. Take the initiative, and the problem of housing conditions will be solved in your favor.

Save money for beer!

... For wine, for an extra excursion, for gifts to relatives - but you never know what else! You probably know how to spend the money saved on the hotel!