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10 men's fail-safe secrets of seduction

How to get a girl into bed? She will not understand how she will end up in the same bed with you. 10 men's fail-safe secrets of seduction

She will not understand how she will end up in the same bed with you. Use one of the ten tricks to quickly seduce a woman. 1. Interest and retreat

There is a type of woman that men call "women with star disease." Such a woman is beautiful and attracts men's eyes. She knows her worth and seems to be ready for a lot. But as soon as a man makes efforts to conquer her, she instantly reverses, showing him that she wants him to "run" after her.

An inexperienced man, of course, will continue to run after her like a madman, do a lot of stupid things and, ultimately, one fine moment will realize how naive he was. And the hunt will end with gatherings in the nearest bar in the company of a huge amount of alcohol. And then he will complain that all women are bad, and again mistakes will be made.

A smart man would do otherwise. Realizing that he has become a toy, he will immediately begin to stubbornly ignore this woman. But at the same time, she will do everything possible to ensure that she notices this ignore.

And then (oh miracle!) the woman will be touched by the fact that she has ceased to interest someone. She will lose her vigilance and begin to take steps to get closer to the object that pushed her away. Then it all depends on the skill of the man. And the key goal - to seduce - will be achieved.

2. Hide intentions and gain confidence

Or, in other words, become a friend. The idea is quite common that friendship between a man and a woman is sex postponed until later. There really are many options. One man really sees in a certain woman only a friend and nothing more. And another will not even talk to a woman who does not sexually attract him.

Of course, a man cannot always openly tell a woman about his intentions for her. Especially if he likes her (but not enough to have a serious relationship with her) and seems inaccessible.

Then the man will turn on all the available fantasy, become sensitive and gallant, will listen for hours to stories about the problems of a potential mistress. And in the end, in one fine moment, when she will let him into her soul and begin to trust him more than he should, he will take advantage of the situation and do with her what he dreamed of from the very beginning.

Then, of course, he will say that everything happened by chance, that nothing terrible happened - they will still remain friends. But a woman in his friendly feelings, of course, will doubt.

3. Make a mysterious impression

There is such a thing as a “mystery woman”. Something similar can be said about a man. Women love surprises and riddles. Of course, within reason.

A man can be spontaneous, constantly revealing new traits of his character to a woman. Do not warn in advance where they will go today, give interesting gifts and make surprises. All this is incredibly interesting for a woman, and in such a way that she does not notice how she falls into the net of cunningly set traps. And there are already two options: either a return to everyday life, or subsequent surprises.

4. Promise prospects

In other words, this is sex for the future. In such a relationship, no one hides their intentions. A man frankly makes it clear that sex with him is a pass for a woman to a world that was previously inaccessible to her. And everything can end not only in sex, but also in marriage.

It is very rare for such a man to hide from a woman that he "promotes" her for a certain "payment". But in any case, it should be understood: there are few altruists among men. Especially when it comes to a beautiful woman.

5. Be yourself

There is a certain type of woman who does not like artificiality and prefers naturalness to forced smiles and thoughtful phrases. They subtly feel when a man is lying. Any tricks, as they say, “do not work”, so you need to act like in the well-known advertisement: “image is nothing”.

Dropping the mask and forgetting about flirting, the man reveals all his cards. Of course, not everyone is capable of this - for the most part, only those who are looking for their soul mate.

6. Pretend to be gay

The idea of ​​seduction is similar to the previous trick (saying that you are not at all someone who can sexually interest me), but differs in that, by lying about his sexual orientation, a man, constantly being close to a woman, veiledly seducing her, as if pushing her to seek rapprochement.

A woman starts asking: why are all good men gay? And the man subtly hints: they say, who knows, maybe I can change... Then she takes the initiative into her own hands, not realizing that she really fell into a trap.

7. Seduce with forms

Of course, this item is suitable for those men who really have something to show. Just as men are ready to run after nice legs and a big bust, women love athletic men with a big dick.

An acquaintance of my beautiful acquaintance uses this “gift”, as he calls it. He does not hide the fact that a 20-centimeter unit, pumped up muscles, a three-room apartment almost in the center of the capital and a rather battered Chevrolet are his only assets.

However, he uses everything he has in full and changes women like gloves. He says that he is fine, and there are a lot of those who are greedy for his forms. But with a long-term relationship somehow did not work out. So a 28-year-old man survives with short acquaintances with students and single women.

selfish students. Young girls who have read glossy magazines only dream of showing their body to the whole world. And the fact itself is pleasant, and there is an opportunity to interest beautiful and rich males. And if they are noticed by an “uncle” from a modeling agency, this is generally the ultimate dream!

Of course, men use such girls. They will never tell about their intentions, they will only hint that they have their own photo studio (fortunately, renting it at the moment is not a problem) and can lobby the girl in some agency.

And the girl voluntarily agrees to intimacy - she does not even think about whether this man can really help her. Blinded by narcissism, she goes home (or to a photo studio) to an unfamiliar man, and everything else is a matter of technique.

9. Onslaught and confidence

Women love confident men - even a little cheeky. But such impudence must be charming and have limits. This motivation of a woman is easy to explain - she is naturally weak and wants to see a strong and self-confident man next to her who can stand up for her, ensure her future and become a reliable support in life.

A man usually chooses a woman for a short time, and a woman - vice versa.

If a man is looking for a wife, he will never tell fables about his own fortune, a prestigious job, a beautiful apartment and a car. After all, the wife should love the person in him, and not the things that he possesses. In sex without obligations, the rules are completely different: the main thing is to interest immediately. Of course, there are exceptions, when insane passion turns into a strong relationship.


10. Get drunk in a nightclub or bar

The most primitive and, most importantly, the most effective way to find a woman for sex without commitment - that is, for one night. This is exactly the case when both potential partners are ready for such a relationship, but certain moral or psychological barriers prevent them from directly saying this. Alcohol comes to the rescue, and it's hard to say who it helps more. Probably a man: after all, he drinks to become bolder, and she more indulgent.

In general, the choice of each of the methods of seduction depends on the woman's psychology. Therefore, in order to use one of them, to please a woman, a man must understand the woman, and she must be too trusting not to understand his true intentions.