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10 male secrets

The Women's Association recommends refraining from absolute openness in relations with the fair sex. Otherwise, you will be in trouble.

Absolute openness in a relationship is a great thing. But only if it does not concern the next 10 points. Otherwise, both openness and relationships for some reason quickly come to naught - verified by the Women's Association!


Never, never admit that you lied to her. Perhaps she will understand and forgive, but she will never believe you again. So why? You know very well how it all ends.

"Business" things

Women are pretty perceptive creatures. So, believe me, even without your help they will be able to draw the right conclusions about the prospects of a single male individual. Both in bed and in business. Boasting business acumen and dedicating your girlfriend to the holy of holies of your business projects is not worth it. After all, this is your own business and no one else's.

Family Secrets

Do not load her beautiful head with the details of a low-key family conflict. And try not to leave your lady alone at Sunday dinner with your relatives. Imagine yourself in her place - it is better to introduce yourself to your adorable mothers-grandmothers gradually, stretching this process as much as possible in time. And starting with the cutest subjects.

Otherwise, one hour, she will decide that she has fallen into the Addams family.

Ideas about the ideal

Do you like tall blondes with breasts of the fourth size? Then why did you choose this little graceful brunette? Okay, love is known to be evil. If this is the case, keep your mouth shut and do not admire the lifeguards of Malibu.


One learns from mistakes, but one does not shout about them. If you are not in the church, no one will require you to confess about all the mistakes made in life. It is unlikely that your girlfriend will like a lengthy story about how you failed a school exam or flunked out of work because of the boss's chatty secretary. After all, she (well, not your secretary, of course) is more interested in your future than your past.

Don Juan list

bank vault. Better yet, burn it and scatter the ashes in the wind. Ah, you still have a phone book with entries like "Olya, just super - tel.999-88-77"? Well, then, in which case, blame yourself!

Porn magazines

Despite the desperate assurances of men, sexologists and male sexologists, a woman still considers porno magazines to be perverted reading material, and if she can still draw a parallel between the appearance of a pornographic publication in the house and yesterday's hot sex, believe me, it will be very difficult for you to beg for forgiveness.]


At first, it is not necessary for a lady of the heart to know about the amount that you store in your commercial or your glass jar. "a good match" for you, or crosses will appear there, through which it will be difficult for you to get to her soul and get comfortable there. Over time, she herself will understand how much and what you are worth - no doubt.

Friendly Secrets

wushu over a case of beer, this does not mean at all that you have the right to wash his bones with your passion. Women are passionately fond of men's secrets, however, they treat talkers with no less disgust. They suspect, probably, that on occasion they will hand them over with giblets in the same way as their friends. Well, I think you don't need to tell what they do with the owners of long tongues.


Even if you are married twice, convicted three times and recorded in the district library four times, this does not give you the right to be considered smarter and more experienced than a Woman. At least that's what she thinks.

Photo: Danila Panfilov