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10 male mistakes in sex

Many men naively believe that the fact of sex should already bring pleasure to a woman. The most common mistakes that the vast majority of men make in bed.

How many people - so many opinions. This statement is especially true when it comes to sex. As grandfather Freud used to say: by and large, everything that happens in bed is absolutely normal. If, of course, it brings pleasure. This, in fact, will be discussed.

Many men mistakenly believe that the fact of sex should already bring pleasure to the partner. This is where the problems begin: excessive confidence, multiplied by a lack of knowledge, turns the very first sex into the last. To prevent this from happening to you, we have compiled a list of the most common mistakes that the vast majority of men make in bed. Read and learn from the mistakes of others.

Masculine stubble

A small beard or stubble may well look attractive, even sexy. But when it comes to bed, this factor can be a real problem. The delicate skin of your partner will suffer from the touch of a manly unshaven cheek or chin. Solving the problem is very simple: either shave, in the end, or, if you don’t want to part with your favorite image because of the whims of the lady, just be careful.

Focusing on the orgasm

Thanks to the dominance of the popular media, vying with each other for advice on how to make an ogre enchanting, many men focus on this. Is it necessary to say that processes are much sweeter than results? No need to focus on the finish line. Neither you nor your girlfriend are in the same bed for this. Relax and in the end just have fun.

Neglect of foreplay

Oddly enough, but until now, many heterosexual guys are completely sure: the very process of sex is enough for girls. Not! Prelude should not be neglected. Extra (if you can use the word superfluous here at all) 20 minutes will give both you and your partner dozens of times more pleasure.

Emphasis on the clitoris

Oral sex or manual stimulation should not be focused solely on the clitoris. Yes, this is the most sensitive erogenous zone. No, this does not mean that there are simply no other zones. And this is not the best place to start your bed games. Let the girl relax completely, and only then move on to heavy artillery.

Proven Techniques

Sex is not a chore. Remember this once and for all. What worked for one girl might not necessarily work for another. Do not be afraid of careful experiments, it will only count as a plus. And you don't have to be silent. Ask. Say exactly how you like it, feedback will follow immediately.

Emotional hole

Of course, you are used to your own image of a brutal guy who does not need any emotions at all for great sex. If you really want to have it, then stop. The closer you communicate with your partner, the more you open up and trust her, the better it will be for both of you.

A convenient state of affairs

It's not so stupid to prepare a bridgehead in advance. It is clear that it is simply impossible to foresee every romantic date - and there is no need to do this. But if you have an interesting evening planned, prepare for it. Protective equipment, comfortable pillows, clean linen. All these are small things, but they are the ones that can build the whole night in the right order.

New horizons

Do not rush to do what you obviously do not like. In your desire to make your partner the happiest of women, you are missing the most important thing: balance and harmony. Without understanding this, of course, a complex mechanism, good sex is impossible. Do not be afraid to gently show that some actions are unacceptable for you or simply do not bring pleasure. Just do not need to tear right off the bat: accuracy is above all.

Relaxed behavior

It may sound strange, but sex is not the most serious task in life. It is not necessary to focus on your own behavior, appearance and other trifles. Relax and enjoy. Let it be funny sometimes. Nothing wrong. Laughter, contrary to popular belief, does not kill desire, but, on the contrary, brings partners together.


People, especially close people, should communicate before, during and after sex. Discussing your desires will help turn even established relationships into enchanting ones. Do not be afraid of your dirty little secrets: it's okay if your partner, or yourself, does not accept something. Discuss desires - and maybe they will be mutual.