10 lies you've been led to believe

Staying alone, building happiness, being judged, being different, living a different life, lying for good, holding on with all your might, and dreaming. 10 lies you should stop believing.

1. Single means "lonely." Just because you're alone now doesn't mean you're alone. And, for that matter, personal relationships are far from a guarantee of happiness. And staying single, you will never be as lonely as in the wrong relationship. If you understand that nothing good will come of life with this person, it is better to break off this relationship and spend some time with the most important person in your life - yourself. Try to find yourself. Get your self-respect back. And the next time you find yourself in a rapidly sinking personal relationship, you will be ready to leave it in time.

2. Happiness is when you have everything you want. - Just because you're happy doesn't mean you don't want anything. First of all, it means that you are grateful for what you have and patiently waiting for what will happen. Sometimes we get so carried away by the desire for something big that we completely stop noticing those tiny things that make our life magical. So appreciate today - believe me, it's worth it. After all, he is one of those very “good old days” that you will remember with such nostalgia in old age.

3. If someone feels bad, you will immediately see it. – We all get hurt, and scared, and bad. It's just that some have learned to hide it much better than others. You do not know what is happening behind the closed doors of their souls, and therefore judging people only by what you see is a waste of time and effort. If you have time to discuss and judge other people, you probably have too much free time. Better direct it to something worthy.

4. Life must go a certain way, and nothing else. - No one can hurt more than ourselves. But having inflicted a wound on our soul, we can also heal it - for this, sometimes it is enough not to be shy about our thoughts, and to be a realist. After all, we always have a choice of how to respond to the situations that life confronts us with. So let go of the unrealistic image in your head that you're trying to fit your life into and start seeing it for what it is. Change what can be changed, change your mind about what can't be changed, and keep moving forward.

5. You must be like someone else. - When you stop comparing yourself to other people, whether real or fictional, and when you stop comparing yourself to other versions of yourself (mostly existing only in our heads), only then can you begin to live peacefully - and only there is absolutely nothing illusory about this peace.

6. Only a select few live truly great lives. - If you wake up every morning with the words “Today is a great day for me”, and fall asleep, realizing how good it was... Only then, one day, after many years, you will be able, remembering the past, smile and say: "My life was just great."

7. We don't need hard times. - Sometimes, in order to find happiness, you need to go through a real hell. Sometimes, in order to meet the right people, you have to get rid of those who do not belong in your life. Sometimes, in order to understand what it is to be strong, you have to feel weak. Sometimes you need to feel how your soul is splitting apart in order to gain indestructible integrity. Sometimes, to find that one person with whom you can live the rest of your life, you need to go through crowds of people. Sometimes we have to welcome both the good and the bad with open arms, knowing that in the end, both bring us invaluable experience.

8. To be strong means not to feel pain. - In fact, strong people are those who feel pain, accept it, learn from it everything they can, and then overcome it. The essence of strength is the determination to ask for a break, shed tears, dust yourself off, and then return to the ring to fight like you've never had before.

9. Lying "for good" is okay. - Before you say "I love you", feel the love. Be really grateful by thanking someone. Feel remorse by apologizing. Believe me - when your words are backed up by a genuine feeling, they penetrate into the very depths of the hearts of other people.

10. Dreams are a waste of time. - The greatest gifts are those that are not visible to the eyes, but are felt by the heart. What we see is only a small part of what is possible. Imagination is the ability to look beyond the horizon, to imagine what is very important for us, but is still hidden from view. Somewhere and someday something incredible is sure to await you - if your dream is enough to get it.