10 girls you should have sex with at least once

Men experience the world through adventure, travel and women. By the time you're married or retired, it'll be too late to go all out. Do not waste time while you are young, and the "bayonet" is always ready. Most of all, on your life path, you will remember seduced heifers and sex with them.

Life is short and you should have a good time in it, so that there is something to remember later in retirement. Girls with whom to have fun with sex at least once, and maybe more. Don't put off sex for retirement, do it now.

10 girls to have sex with

1. Sex with a foreigner. A completely different culture, behavior and temperament will help you to know another nation through bed. It's good if it's a girl from temperamental Brazil, depraved Japan, hot Spain, hot Africa or loving France. Such an adventure is never forgotten, but for this you need to travel and not be afraid to meet foreigners. Many have a very positive attitude towards casual sex.

2. Sex with an ex. At some point in your life, you'll have a broken heart and a dozen ex-women. It’s good to have sex with an ex when many years have passed, feelings have subsided, and everything is fine with you. A kind of dive into the past and into the "mink" of the former. This will help indulge in sweet nostalgia and be surprised at what you then found in the former.

3. Sex with a lesbian or bisexual. Some girls love getting sweets on all fronts. A little alcohol, fun and you are already throwing off each other's clothes. Sex with such a girl will give a good experience in understanding what women want in bed. You might even get a threesome. Sometimes lesbian couples like to take a substitute player into bed, who brings variety and his penis.

4. Sex with an athlete. Athletic girls, and especially gymnasts, are very good in bed. They are full of energy to drive them. They can jump in bed for hours and give you 100% pleasure.

5. Sex with an adult girl. Women who are good for you as a mother can teach you a lot in bed. They will give you invaluable experience accumulated over the years. It's like going back in time to fuck your teacher, your hot neighbor, or your friend's hot mom.

6. Sex with a girl's girlfriend or sister. Men are always harboring forbidden fruit, but what could be better than that? Female friendship does not exist, and her girlfriends can seduce you themselves and try to taste your rod. It is very nice to fry her friend, whom she talks about so often. Or maybe you will arrange a threesome?

7. Friendship sex. You can't ruin a friendship with sex. Men and women often find themselves in a situation where they are friends and discuss different things, but do not sleep together. But sometimes this barrier falls, along with the girl's underwear. Friendship sex is good. After all, you have always wondered what your friendly sex will be like.

8. Sex with two girls. Almost every man dreams of this, but rarely does anyone succeed. Usually such sex happens when drunk or with prostitutes for money. But a man will never forget sex with two girls.

9. Sex with someone else's girlfriend or wife. It's not pretty, but it happens quite often. When you meet a girl, you often find out about her boyfriend or husband only in the morning. But when you know about it in advance, it makes love pleasures feel like a bucket of adrenaline.

10. Sex with a young girl. Young, hot and sexy. Have sex with a girl who is much younger than you, but don't forget the age of consent. Sex with a young nymphomaniac will infuse you with youth and a desire to live. Such a girl wants sex, and you have something to teach her.

And what will you remember in retirement? About travel, adventures and heifers…