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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 12th October 2017 Written Update

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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai twelfth October 2017 Written Replace: Sameer to play Romeo with Naina as Juliet

The Episode starts with Sameer coming to Drama class and says he desires to play Romeo.Lochan Sir says you’re in cricket personnel. Sameer says he is barred from playing it for three month. Lochan Sir has the same opinion. Munna and Pandit question for minute roles. Sameer reads the script and asks Naina to appear at with him. He enacts the scene. Naina looks at him and tells the dialogues. Yeh un dinon ki baat hai plays…..Sameer and Naina uncover their dialogues. Naina’s voiceover says epic became making in her mind, how can even very properly be their enjoy epic. It became the major epic which she wrote. Sameer brings flower shut to Naina and passes from there, and gives flower to Lochan Sir. Lochan Sir hugs him and says prospects are you’ll per chance per chance presumably also personal performed well, your chance is noteworthy. Munna and Pandit praises him for his acting.

Naina thinks how
can a liar, thief, smoker, drunkard is also a hero. Swati and Preeti focus on that Sameer can change into Romeo. Swati says I want I will be succesful to even change into Juliet with him. She asks her to judge playing Juliet and the scenes. Naina imagines herself as Juliet and Sameer as Romeo. Sameer as rose gives her rose whereas standing down and telling the dialogues. Juliet is standing in her balcony and looks to be at him. Pyaar Karne wale music plays….Naina smiles and takes flower from his hand. Creativeness ends. Naina shivers whereas feeling Sameer’s touching her in play. Swati asks did you suspect in regards to the play with Sameer. Naina says I don’t judge Lochan Sir will make Sameer as Romeo.

Tayi ji gives attire to the girl and takes utensils. Her son pralay comes and asks for money. Tayi ji says she don’t personal money. He says money is in almari. Tayi ji says she’s going to give him after his father comes. Bela says he is conscious of every thing. Tayi ji says he is no longer slow such as you. Munna and Sameer clutch Sameer and remark he is chosen for play. Swati says I suggested you that Lochan Sir is impressed with Sameer. Naina will get up and goes. Sameer will get thinking. Tayi ji will get annoyed as she does the work. Pooja comes and asks the put to hold Rakesh’s keys. Pralay takes the keys and wonders which is perchance the main. Naina’s voiceover says secret is going to be out. Sameer tells Munna and Pandit to behold how enjoy epic begins. Pandit asks if he is thinking about Naina. Sameer says he is doing this for a predicament.

Sameer’s opposition guys tease him. Pandit makes him creep. Sameer reveals the clean cassette and says naina will hug me now. Naina comes to class and looks to be at him. She sits on her house. Pandit ji says it looks to be smile vanished from his face. Sameer says once the play starts, he’s going to give her some happiness. Munna comes crying to him and says Swati stares Sameer loads and is now playing Juliet. Sameer says Juliet might be Naina, I even personal taken half in play most attention-grabbing if Naina is Juliet. Munna says lochan sir tried to persuade her, however she didn’t agree. Sameer says that’s why she is sorrowful. Swati comes and asks why she is sorrowful. Sameer says I will behold how she’s going to no longer play the feature. He comes to Naina and insists to search the advice of with her. Naina will get up.

Rakesh comes and sees Nain and Sameer standing. Sameer bends down and touches his toes. Rakesh is very a lot surprised.

Written Replace by H Hasan

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