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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2017 Written Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2017 Written Replace: Kartik gets upset challenging Naksh’s fact

The Episode begins with Naira telling Dadi that Suwarna must salvage her rights. Dadi argues with them. Rajshri says its execrable, Suwarna is mum, even supposing she didn’t give initiating to Kirti. Devyaani says she has appropriate. Bhabhimaa says substandard took discipline with her. Suwarna says I’ve we must do away with marriage rituals ahead, Dadi is appropriate, she knows such things properly. Dadi smiles. Kartik says we are able to seek files from Kirti what she feels appropriate, if she gets jubilant by hurting Suwarna, then gorgeous. They scoot to Kirti. Kirti sees Kartik and cries. Dadi apologizes and asks pandit ji to open. Manish and Suwarna scoot for kanyadaan. They all smile.

Aisi rasmo kasmo pe…….performs….. Manish and Suwarna give Kirti’s hand in Naksh’s hand. Kartik and Naira smile. Bau ji says like elders learn vows in Naira’s
marriage, will we make this. Dadi says determined. Pandit says now we grasp to hope and open this ritual again. Dadi says gorgeous, bustle up. Baisa asks why is she hurrying this day. Manish sees Kartik and smiles. Kush asks Kartik to delight attain, Lav is now not gorgeous. Kartik goes with him. Naira appears to be on and says pheras are starting, the put did he do away with Kartik.

Kartik sees Lav caught underneath a chandelier. He gets Lav and hugs him. He consoles Lav and says nothing took discipline. They yowl. Kartik asks what took discipline. They squawk every person will scold us. Kartik says no, if they scoot crying, this may increasingly perchance well be execrable. He asks them to yowl, he’ll manufacture video and ship to their chums. They salvage peaceable. Kartik asks them to realize back, they’ve to back pheras. Kids skedaddle. Kartik sees video and says what’s this, Yash and Naksh. He performs video. He hears Naksh. Naksh says I don’t like Kirti, I m doing this marriage factual for Naira’s happiness, snort you gained’t inform any individual, Naira already doubts on me. Yash asks are you determined about this. Naksh says Naira’s happiness is with this marriage. Kartik gets unnerved.

Naira calls him out. She involves him. Naksh and Kirti do away with the first spherical. Naira says I m unnerved seeing you want this, squawk one thing. Kartik says Naksh doesn’t like Kirti, he is helpless to marry her. He reveals her the video. She gets unnerved. He says he lied to my sister, he cheated us. Naira says how did you salvage this video. He asks does this topic, he changed into once dishonest my sister, thank God marriage didn’t happen yet, pheras are left, I gained’t let this marriage happen, Kirti gained’t marry this kind of guy. He throws his cell phone. Naksh and Kirti open second spherical. Naira says hear to me, no grasp to talk, its now not appropriate, believe me. He asks did you admire this. She says hear to me, I will show conceal. He says you knew this. She worries.

Naksh and Kirti open 1/3 spherical. Kartik asks did you admire or now not, answer my ask. Naira says high-tail, nonetheless you… He says ample, you knew about this, you and your brother cheated me and my sister, my family, I will smash this marriage this day, what does Naksh have of himself. Dadi appears to be for Kartik. Kartik reaches entrance. Naira locks the door. He asks her to transfer. He bangs the door. He asks her to give keys. She says hear to me. He says I grasp replace routes to head, I gained’t let pheras happen.

Devyaani says the put are Kartik and Naira. Ananya says they’re going to be around. Naira asks Kartik to hear to her, this marriage is going down after difficulties, this marriage is imp for Naksh and Kirti, and both households. He says by no methodology, Kirti’s husband didn’t like her, her existence changed into once hell, I told you to give time to Naksh and Kirti, Naksh did substandard, you additionally supported him. She says its now not like that, hear to me, I spoke to him, he agreed he changed into once now not determined earlier than, nonetheless he is high-tail now, you’re thinking that I will let this happen, I m convinced so I m asking you to let marriage happen. He says Kirti bought caught in this cheat. She says Kirti is jubilant, Naksh will withhold her jubilant, believe me.

He asks believe you and goes… Naksh and Kirti open fourth spherical. Kartik says you want Naksh more and Kirti less, in the event you notion for Kirti, you would grasp told me, I saw that video, else you would by no methodology inform me. Any individual appears to be on. He says you broke my believe, you cheated me, I wish I saw this video earlier than, you would be glum that Naksh’s fact will attain out, in the event you grasp appropriate to be selfish for him, I additionally grasp appropriate to have for Kirti, I gained’t let this marriage happen. He goes. She says you acknowledged broad ingredient and didn’t have I will be worry, this marriage gained’t happen, even supposing I grasp to make anything. He runs to search out a potential out and falls down. She collides and factual runs till he sees the passage arrangement out.

Kartik wonders what took discipline to lights. He finds door locked and asks who has shut me, support….

Written Replace by Amena

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