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Bigg Boss 11 Priyank Sharma get arrested from house ! Know why

Bigg boss Eleven Priyank Sharma Sharma would possibly perhaps obtain arrested any time quickly from the dwelling because he became the one who reveled the secret of Pune-Goa intercourse racket scandal of Arshi Khan intercourse scandal and the conversation of Priyank Sharma about Arshi became aired by the channel which genuinely upset and and tension […]

Bigg Boss 11 new wild card entry ! Zoya Afroz and Natalia Kayy are in a row

Bigg Boss Eleven is gearing up with the unique wild card entry as the Dinchak Pooja evection left no unique face within the whisper point out whereas she didn’t additionally cope up with the team anyllisis as she didn’t ready to pronounce that so of controvercy or TRP that what’s been anticipated from her so […]

Bigg Boss 11 Arshi Khan hiding her real identity and controvercy

Arshi KHAN is mendacity about her right age and more interior most minute print. Bigg boss eleven Arshi Khan Controversy taking form and hype and now its no longer about Pakistani cricketer or any of Arshi Khan hot movies or images the controversy of Arshi Khan Bigg Boss eleven is now questioning her right identification. […]

Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra’s breakup story with Boyfriend Dennis Nagpal

Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi Kalra’s breakup story with Boyfriend Dennis Nagpal as we have got viewed the sizzling Bandgi Kalra of Bigg Boss 11 closeness with the a lot of dwelling member Puneesh Sharma and both appears to be contented and chuffed which we have got in actual fact handy you in our earlier article.of […]

Bigg Boss 11 wild card entries reveled

Bigg Boss 11 wild card entries: Priyank Sharma and Dhinchak Pooja shall be wild card contestants of bigg boss 11 imply while we can glimpse the more devoted face nonetheless for now its seems love Priyank Sharma shall be lend a hand in the uncover as we have seen him put together for his return […]

Bigg Boss 11: Controversy Arshi Khan lesbian Video

Arshi Khan Controversy bigg boss 11 : forward of even being a element of Inda’s most controversial existing Arshi Khan of BIGG BOSS 11 titillating about controvercies due to which she was the social media sensation due to Arshi Khan hot photographs and movies Arshi Khan of BIGG BOSS 11 controversy as we know that […]

Bigg boss 11 : audition videos of commoner contestants

Bigg boss eleven audition videos of. Commoners contestants as each person knows from the final yr 2017 the affirm has opened the gates for the nation where any fan can can flip their fortune to lodged itself in a luxurious house and would possibly per chance intention terminate the sum and title of the affirm […]

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