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Nomination Day
Day seventy seven
Vikas and Priyank wakes up. They reach to washroom enviornment.Priyank applies ointment on Vikas’s wounded foot. Inmates earn up to music saturday. Hina hugs Priyank and says you were talking to Vikas, he says Vikas purchased injured on foot so I helped him, I became sitting with him for two days. Hina says I dont know the plan Vikas will behave with others after Hiten left, he can also step lend a hand, he doesnt bear much relation with others, not with Aakash or Puneesh.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that I genuinely feel irregular not seeing Hiten. Puneesh says we would omit him,you had correct equation with him.
Vikas says to Priyank that Hiten depended on rotten of us enjoy Shilpa, she gave Hiten’s name first nonetheless she played the game when she took your name.
Puneesh says to Shilpa that Vikas became talking to Priyank. Shilpa says now the entirety is enticing between them, Vikas became asserting that right here’s all recreation, we bear emotions too nonetheless he thinks the entirety is recreation so I played my recreation.
Priyank says to Vikas that I thanked Shilpa for saving me. Vikas says Shilpa became so miffed after seeing you name her corpulent cow nonetheless she saved her anger in lend a hand watch over and played her recreation, she wanted to place you for recreation and he or she did, she is strongest player, she is terribly suave.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that Luv acknowledged what he’ll pause will seemingly be done by Priyank and Hina too. Shilpa says dont have faith any individual at this stage, I felt Hiten became competition for me so I played my recreation, dont have faith Luv, Vikas hates Luv, he doesnt desire Arshi too in recreation, he most attention-grabbing desire Priyank right here. She says I am sorry Hiten.

Puneesh asks Vikas whats the scene? vikas says Aakash is terribly high-quality, Shilpa is high-quality too, Hina is terribly current. Puneesh says we must peaceful creep to Hongkong(hinting at Hina), Puneesh says we are succesful of creep to Aakash, we are succesful of place a query to Arshi if she wishes to creep to Hongkong and Macau.

Puneesh says to Arshi that I talked to Vikas, he has chosen Hongkong(Hina) and Aakash to nominate. Arshi says thats the easiest option, we must entire it. Arshi says talk over with Luv too, he’ll realize. Arshi calls Luv, Puneesh leaves. Arshi says to Luv that Hina and Aakash are correct pals so lets earn their biryani, Luv laughs.

Arshi asks Luv to mediate Aakash, Luv says you dont desire baldie(Aakash) right here? Arshi says baldie will seemingly be likelihood for me.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that I try to reach lend a hand in nominations with them, its my wish. Puneesh says must peaceful I fulfill it? Shilpa says this can happen. Puneesh says they gave your name nonetheless I acknowledged no, Vikas took your name for nominations. Shilpa says he took my name? Luv says its obtrusive. Puneesh says they are seafood fans, they try to eat crab(Aakash), Luv says all try to eat crab. Puneesh says we bear chosen Hongkong(Hina), they were speaking about Shimla(Shilpa) too nonetheless I acknowledged no. Shilpa laughs.

Aakash says I wont sleep on ground, my lend a hand is paining. Puneesh says if Aakash doesnt sleep on ground then we can lose our luxurious worth range, he asks Aakash to appreciate the show conceal. Aakash says I desire some meals. He takes meals from fridge. Hina asks Aakash to to not entire it,it’s also possible to very properly be punished, Bigg boss bear requested you to not eat till their show, you cant pause this. Aakash begins making roties, Aakash says I dont hear to my mother, Puneesh says they’ll nominate you, Aakash says its enticing, Hiten left so I am correct to creep. Puneesh says you had loads nervousness with Hiten? Arshi asks Aakash to not eat meals. Vikas says dont give him consideration, there is a line that you just cant unpleasant. Vikas says to Shilpa that he wishes photos so creep away him. Aakash makes paratha and eats it,he says I enjoy it.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that Priyank is suave, we did high-quality by sending Hiten out and now we are succesful of sight Priyank and Vikas collectively. Puneesh says they’ve an excessive amount of enjoy, that enjoy, I noticed it as of late. Shilpa says thats not enjoy,its what Aakash purchased. Puneesh says Vikas and Priyank were smiling at every other.
Vikas and Priyank are determining and lying in garden.

Puneesh asks Arshi what is with Vikas? he has been with Priyank entire day, Vikas acknowledged that Priyank wishes to eat Hongkong and crab. Arshi says Priyank is just not of any individual. Puneesh says what is occurring? I dont realize anything. Arshi asks Priyank in show for you to eat Hongkong and crab(Hina and Aakash). Priyank says I try to eat crab nonetheless what is Hongkong. vikas says he is just not agreeing.

Priyank says to Hina that they’re speaking about hongkong thats your nickname Hina Khan, Luv is asserting that he wishes Hongkong and crab out, I am frightened that Luv is doing it. Hina says let it be.

Puneesh says to Arshi that I cant neglect them insulting Bandagi. Luv says I truly bear many causes to creep against them, I truly bear too many issues that I will disclose to creep against her.

Priyank says to Hina that Luv is disappointing. Hina says he is taking one thing on coronary heart and doing this.

Puneesh says to Luv that we are succesful of sacrifice muscle groups(Priyank) and crab, we are succesful of ship Hongkong and muscle groups too. Shilpa comes there. Puneesh says must peaceful we eat muscle groups or mind fry (Vikas), what if snake(Arshi) chunk us then? must peaceful we eat snake first, Puneesh says every person is willing to eat crab (Aakash), so we are succesful of focal level on snake, mind fry and muscle groups. Aakash comes there and says my different is BH. Puneesh says our different is mind fry and muscle groups or ladyfinger(Priyank). They all remark.

Day seventy eight
Priyank and Vikas are working in garden, Priyank is leading in runing.
Shilpa and Puneesh sees Vikas and Priyank collectively, Shilpa says they’ve change into pals now? Vikas acknowledged so many issues that Priyank did this or that and now they are pals? Puneesh says of us corner of us right here, Hina is just not even trying at Luv. Shilpa says Priyank and Vikas are very suave.

Priyank says to Vikas that lets crack a deal, we wont fight till the pause of recreation, Vikas says I will slap you, you bear done so many fights with me. Priyank says I enjoy you a mountainous number,you understand it so lets not fight.
Luv says to Shilpa that Vikas and Priyank are collectively entire time. Shilpa says its correct that Hiten left so we are succesful of sight what Vikas and Priyank are doing. Luv says if we change into united then it wont be a declare.
Priyank says to Arshi that we promised that me and Vikas wont fight, Arshi says I dont try to talk. Priyank and Vikas gives a kiss on her cheek.
Shilpa says to Luv that what I noticed in clips, what Vikas acknowledged,its not high-quality, he is just not trying high-quality, he has tarnished his image. Luv says we are succesful of throw mastermind out of rental. Shilpa says this can happen.

Hina says to Vikas that Shilpa is irritated for not be ready to work in kitchen, Priyank says ofcourse its stress reliever for her.
Arshi is working in kitchen and says to Luv that we are succesful of throw crab and Hongkong out of rental. Luv says crab is confirmed nonetheless not sure about Hongkong.

Arshi says to Vikas that Puneesh is asserting to of us that they must peaceful nominate Arshi and never aakash, right here’s an excessive amount of now, he must bear acknowledged to Shilpa.Vikas says they cant talk about nominations enjoy this. Arshi says if he inaccurate acts as buddy with me and pause this then I wont spare him. Vikas says let him pause what he wishes to. Arshi says you didnt let me pause many issues. Vikas says Puneesh helped you.

Luv says to Aakash that we must peaceful nominate Puneesh, he dances and says on legend of he is against you. Aakash says k.

Luv says to Priyank that that the model you acknowledged to Hina that I truly bear silent corner for her became rotten, Priyank says we were sitting right here,it became a typical dialog, we didnt opt it far. Luv says you didnt even put effort to determined it. Priyank says it became not a mountainous deal so we didnt earn it.

Priyank says to Hina that Luv got right here to me and acknowledged that we’re not talking to him, we didnt even apologize. Hina says we would bear acknowledged sorry nonetheless what we did infront of Salman.. earn me ashamed, we were the one standing for him when no one became, we saved him from nominations as he is our buddy not on legend of we did some prefer, I educated infront of Salman that even though Luv bear emotions for me.. then Luv became enjoy there is nothing enjoy that, he brought ego in friendship.

Bigg boss says to inmates that you just of us left 11 of us leisurely and are now in twelfth week so we congratulate you, its not easy to dwell in this rental, you dwell with unfamiliar of us, sever off with outdoor world, you dont bear freedom to creep to place you enjoy or eat what you enjoy, in most cases inmates must eat easy meals so in most cases of us earn emotional about locations and meals, whereas you dwell collectively, you starting up thinking alike and bear identical likes, identical thing took place final day when most wanted to creep to Hongkong and current meals became crab, all remark. Bigg boss says some of us enjoy mind fry and ladyfinger too, lets rewind those emotional moments. On tv, clip plays, in clip Arshi and Luv are proven discussing that Baldie will seemingly be likelihood. Puneesh discussing with Vikas that we must peaceful creep to hongkong and eat crab. Arshi discussing with Luv to throw out Hongkong and crab. Puneesh discussing with Aakash to nominate mind fry and muscle groups/ladyfinger. Arshi talking to Priyank that we must peaceful eat crab and Hongkong. Clip ends. Hina says I didnt talk about any nomination. Bigg boss says except Hina, all inmates try to eat and creep to locations to we bear understood your emotions and you all must peaceful earn this different except Hina as she didnt wish for anything enjoy that. Bigg boss says right here’s why out of eight inmates, 7 will seemingly be nominated. All are frightened. Bigg boss says except Hina, all are nominated on legend of of punishment for discussing nominations. Hina screams in pride and says I saved asserting to not talk about it, dont talk about crab or hongkong. Aakash says boss I educated you to not talk about it, I wont conception anything now. Aakash modifications his bed faraway from Luv. Hina says to Priyank that I am determined whom I try to nominate, I dont must disucss. Priyank says they got right here to me, I purchased stuck in all this nominations discussion, I didnt even pause it. Viaks says I became asking them to quit it. Shilpa laughs.
Hina says to Priyank that they didnt put a query to me whom I going to nominate on legend of they know I dont conception and station, I dont know if whom I am nominating will exit or not nonetheless its my name.
Aakash says to Puneesh that there is no friendship to any extent additional, Puneesh says I dont need your friendship of convenience.
Priyank says Luv became taking our name for nominations.
Luv says in camera that Bigg boss it’s also possible to very properly be opening our cards in starting up.
Aakash says Luv became taking my name too for nominations, I dont have faith any one now. Arshi says I didnt opt your name, I took Puneesh’s name. Aakash says I dont care, you didnt opt his name for once, I am ecstatic my pals took my name, he leaves. Arshi says to Hina that it became joking, I became telling you too that they’re speaking about nominations.
Hina asks who is mind fry? Arshi says that is Vikas, I am snake. Shilpa says I became feeling as of late we can earn lend a hand for what we did final day.

Vikas says to Priyank that its correct they confirmed us the entirety so we are determined, they conception and station everytime nonetheless this time it purchased caught.
Puneesh says to Arshi that you just were crushing me too in nominations. Puneesh says I took every person’s name.
Priyank says to Vikas that why it’s also possible to very properly be saving Puneesh, he became taking your name too for nominations.Vikas says I am taking half in honestly, I truly bear causes to creep against him now.
Arshi says to Puneesh that we are exposed infront of Aakash so we dont must flee leisurely him.Puneesh says now Aakash will flee to Hina thinking she is strongest.
Aakash says to Hina that Luv talked to me for nominating Puneesh. Puneesh says genuinely? Aakash says he became leisurely me loads to nominate Puneesh so I acknowledged saunter. Luv says sorry Puneesh. Puneesh says Luv it’s also possible to very properly be a snake, you were taking half in this recreation? Aakash says you didnt sight it sooner than. Luv says I conception Puneesh you were taking half within the game. Shilpa says Luv it’s also possible to very properly be long gone now. Puneesh says Luv thats why your mates ranaway leaving you. Hina appears to be away. Luv says you seem excited Puneesh. Puneesh says I am terrified that human can also additionally be enjoy this. Puneesh says all are in a single boat now.
Vikas says to Priyank that entire recreation modifications on legend of of have faith disorders.

Arshi says to Aakash that I didnt cheat you. Aakash says I dont desire hear anything, let me pause work right here. Arshi and Aakash are working in kitchen. Aakash says must you strive to talk over with me then I wont work in kitchen, I am uninterested in right here, I try to creep dwelling. He says there is no friendship right here, this recreation is played alone.
Puneesh and Shilpa sees Aakash wearing kurta pajama and raping.
Luv says to Arshi that Vikas is long gone from your aspect, Arshi says I didnt opt Vikas’s name for nominations. Luv says nonetheless we couldnt determined it to of us about whose name we took or whose not.

PRECAP- Vikas reads about BB poultry farm process. Vikas reads that there’ll seemingly be eggs in farm with every inmate’s record on every egg. There’ll seemingly be a hen and this can give egg on occasion with completely different inmate’s record on every egg, the inmate whose egg is remained saved and never destroyed will seemingly be piece of captaincy. Hina asks who’re trying to be captain? Puneesh says me. Hina says I wont let my egg earn destroyed. Puneesh throws an egg in pool. Hina shouts at Vikas to creep away her egg. Arshi’s egg comes out of hen. Priyank runs to it and atomize it. Vikas shouts that no one plays rightly right here. Arshi says I am not excited over the egg nonetheless atleast lend a hand up alongside with your phrases, if I had given my observe then I would bear thrown my egg myself.

Change Credit to: Atiba

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