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Day 11
Inmates win as a lot as jadu hone ko hai.. raat bhar.. bang bang. They all dance together. Luv does robotic steps.

Hina says Arshi that I will nominate Hiten. Arshi says nominate Vikas. Puneesh says he doesnt work. Hina says Vikas modified into striking Lucinda in his palms and roaming around with her in his palms and he has palms distress? Puneesh says Sabya is doing all work, Vikas is free now.

Arshi says to Vikas that Hina is true right here, Priyank left and she is true. Vikas says she stands for sing and she wants a man who will fight for her, first she kept Zubair infront of him and made Priyank fight and mentioned Puneesh is against and now she is talking and bonding with Puneesh? she continuously need a man to give protection to her, she tries to changed into superb Indian mother nonetheless she isn’t very any longer.

Aakash and Lucinda are doing yoga. Arshi says I am bored, I desire someone, he asks Hiten if he’s up? all laugh, she sings chalta hai kia? Hiten sings too, all laugh. Arshi says he’s giving me alerts, I am blushing.

Hiten involves Vikas and says its taking place once more, they’re cooking as critical as they wish. Arshi says they’re utilizing so critical oil. Shilpa is making too. Hina says lets crawl and search data from.

Hina comes in kitchen and asks who made paratha first? Shilpa says I frail the day outdated to this’s flour. Hina says we could maybe have frail it in lunch, eggs are for people nonetheless flour is mutual so you cant kill it. Shilpa says all are sharing the entirety, Hina says if she wants flour divided too then magnificent examine with Bigg boss, I cant starve right here. Shilpa says no person dies right here of starvation? Hina says why that you just can even very well be shouting? I cant examine with you. Hiten says dont kill food. Shilpa says shut up Hiten, no person is loss of life of food starvation right here.
In garden, Vikas says to Ben that Hina and Shilpa are combating, Ben says she is below no circumstances be pleased daughter in law sort as she performs, Vikas says she is extremely though-provoking.

Arshi says to Hiten that I will entice you, I will flirt with you till you tumble for me. Hiten shows her mosquito spray and says I’m able to have relaxing too. Shivani sings itna pyar..

Hina is in confession room. Bigg boss says crimson crew won activity and Arshi won too so they all are contenders for captain, we desire all inmates choose to deem mutually two names who had most did most of efforts to seize that activity and so they’re going to be two contenders for captaincy, Arshi and her crew won activity so all choose to mutually deem two from them.

Hina involves inmates and allege this to inmates. Shilpa says I deem Sabya and Puneesh deserves to changed into captain. Hina says we choose to present names who performed most well in activity. Ben asks for votes for Hina, Puneesh and Sabya. Majority of votes are for Hina and Puneesh. Arshi says I am no longer okay with it, right here is set management no longer friendship. Hina says we choose to have interplay other folks who labored most arduous in activity. Shilpa says Arshi labored very arduous in activity nonetheless I dont desire Arshi to be captain. Hina asks are we sure about me and Puneesh? all issue yes nonetheless Arshi says right here is rubbish and about friendship only.

Arshi says to Shilpa that right here is frightful. Shilpa says viewers is watching. Arshi says that you just can even very well be diplomatic. Shilpa says to Arshi that you just could additionally very well be no longer true to changed into captain, Hina is able to that, that you just can even very well be so critical focused in your curves and flirting. Arshi says what rubbish is that? dont examine with me.

Bigg boss asks Hina to present two names who all inmates have selected as contenders for captaincy. Hina says you mentioned that we choose to have interplay two names who performed well in activity, Bigg boss says nonetheless they’re within the waste contenders for captaincy. Hina asks inmates within the occasion that they’re searching for to swap names? all issue no.Hina says Bigg boss they voted for me and Puneesh. Bigg boss asks within the occasion that they all conform to it? Arshi says no. Shivani says Hina you didnt obvious the motive of deciding on two other folks, you mentioned Bigg boss needs to know who performed well in activity nonetheless its about captaincy too.Vikas says to Hina that I’d rep you captain as adversarial to Sabya because he’s neighbor nonetheless he performed well in activity, we won attributable to him. Hina says I’d have misunderstanding. Vikas says you loyal mentioned that it modified into to have interplay two only performers. Hina says dont give me crap for all this, Vikas says that you just can even very well be hypocrite Hina. Hina says you were taking Lucinda in palms nonetheless that you just can even very well be in uncomfortable health? Vikas says you were in bed as you were in uncomfortable health nonetheless modified into taking part in with Ben? Hina says I accomplish my work. Vikas says I if truth be told have done extra work in life than you, Hina says I dont are searching for to in uncomfortable health focus on with you, that you just can even very well be so illmannered, I took stand for you and you could maybe possibly also very well be calling me hypocrite? Vikas says that you just can even very well be most hypocrite person, while you lose activity then you definately will issue you desired to lose.

Benafsha talks to Vikas and says you shouldnt have talked to her be pleased that, Vikas says she began it, she is hypocrite that she is extremely superb and talks be pleased this?
Hina says to Shivani that you just could maybe have talked to me by myself, you talked infront of Vikas and he wants footage, no person is talking to him. Vikas asys dont focus on me, I dont desire footage. Hina says I wont examine with you. Hina says he’s illmannered.
Arshi says to Hina that you just had to allege fleshy data, one person isn’t very any longer chuffed with names you took, its frightful that you just gave names when I am no longer chuffed, dont let me lose my mind. Hina says Bigg boss Arshi isn’t very any longer chuffed with this possibility. Sapna says it doesnt topic what Arshi thinks, its about majority.
Arshi says to herself that these are low-payment other folks, they cheat only.
Hina says to inmates that those who dont work, loyal preserve combating are accusing me?
Sapna says to Bandagi that its no longer about captaincy nonetheless who’s lawful. She(Arshi) cant accuse when she is ineffective woman. Arshi says if woman’s face isn’t very any longer appropriate then atleast issue superb phrases, it be essential to orderly mess, you stink. Sapna says you could maybe have applied deoderant, with braid witch.

Hina cries and says he’s calling me hypocrite when I permitted my mistake. Hiten says he’s correct taking it out. Hina says I know he’s frustrated that no-one is talking to him.Vikas says very superb other folks examine with me.Shivani says we’re no longer talking to you, Vikas says its about me, dont direct. Shivani says we’re no longer talking to you, dont interfere my focus on, that you just can even very well be shameless. Vikas says I wont fight with you, I wont give it to you. Shivani says I dont desire footage. Vikas says says I didnt issue anything about footage, have some shame, I mentioned I wont fight with you, I didnt even examine with you. Hiten asks Vikas to cease it.

Arshi talks to Sabya. Sabya says preserve for somedays, other folks will most definitely be your mates. Arshi says Shilpa overreacts so soon, I understand other folks’s nature, Hina becomes diplomatic nonetheless when she is with her team, she takes stand and issue fact nonetheless Shilpa takes off and doesnt issue fact. Sabya says she can preserve your side when instances attain.

Vikas says to Ben that Shilpa is extremely superb actress, she has such monumental range, Hina did one role, she did very superb nonetheless Shilpa is complete diverse stage, her comedy range is so superb, she is psychotic nonetheless as an artist it be essential to present it to her.

Vikas says to Arshi that I am impressed with you. Arshi says that you just can even very well be a silly person, that you just can even very well be very superb, you changed into offended nonetheless you havent given a curse to any woman, you admire them loads. Vikas says Shilpa provoked me and I modified into unhappy that I had to throw tea on her dresses, I dont are searching for to changed into someone else. Arshi says preserve pure tone, be you right here.

Shivani is dancing and singing bhoot se milade. Bandagi, Ben, Lucinda, Aakash, Puneesh and others dance around her. Shivani her her hair flowing and raps bhoot se milade. All are having fun with her efficiency. All clap for her at the tip. Aakash supplies her a hug. Sabya is working in kitchen while all are having fun with.

Bigg boss calls Sabya in confession room. Bigg boss says inmates have chosen Hina and Puneesh as contenders for captaincy. Bigg boss says we’re giving an different to neighbors, it be essential to preserve one amongst them from contenders’ list, you all neighbors deem then it be essential to have interplay one member from crimson crew and replace that person which you removed.

Sabya talks to neighbors. Sabya says we choose to preserve Puneesh or Hian from list and replace with other folks in crimson crew, I modified into in that crew nonetheless we shouldnt assault so soon, we can have to soundless engage Vikas to be on list, Luv says we can preserve Hina as she didnt give fleshy data. All neighbors agree.

Bigg boss asks Sabya whom neighbors are searching for to preserve from contenders list of captaincy? Sabya says we’re searching for to preserve Hina from captaincy list as Puneesh had extra votes than her.Hina says yes. Bigg boss asks who you wish to determine on to build in list comparatively than Hina? Sabya says we desire Vikas to changed into contender for captaincy in replace of Hina. Vikas is bowled over, all are terrorized. Ben hugs him. Bigg boss says VIKAS and PUNEESH are contenders for captaincy. Vikas says right here is Karma. Hina involves Sabya and says you could maybe have chosen someone else from crew, Arshi or Jyoti could maybe well maybe have been larger than Vikas and you were only contender. I am okay with my name no longer on list.

Vikas reads activity that contemporary bottle of appy fizz is launched. Captaincy activity is that every and every Vikas and Puneesh will most definitely be hanged in air. There’ll most definitely be their weighing machines, inmates choose to present up their person issues and build it in their favourite member’s box and his weight will develop, as weight increases, that contender will preserve coming down, for 2kilos, contender will attain down one level. Inmates choose to present their dresses and the entirety to extend weight on the side of contender they’re searching for to seize, the contender who comes down to ground first will changed into captain. Hina will most definitely be referee.
Vikas asks Arshi and Sapna to toughen him. Arshi smirks at Hina.
Aakash says to Puneesh that dresses are essential to me, I toughen you. Puneesh says I know.
Arshi says to Hiten that I wont give anything. Hiten says we can build wet dresses for additional weight. Hiten collects issues for Vikas.

Vikas and Puneesh are raised in air utilizing harness. Inmates birth striking their issues on each and every their weighing machines. Puneesh asks Lucinda to build issues in his box, I be pleased you. Vikas says I dont worship you nonetheless I be pleased you Lucinda. Hiten puts wet dresses in his bucket, Jyoti and Ben puts their dresses in his basket too. Vikas’s harness attain down and he’s lowered to ground, he wins activity. Ben hugs him and squeals for him. Vikas thanks Jyoti too. ,,

Arshi says to Vikas that you just divide works between other folks, loyal allege them., Vikas says I if truth be told choose to deem punishments too what within the occasion that they dont work? Hiten says build them in reformatory. Vikas says they’re going to loyal sleep there. Arshi says allege them that within the occasion that they dont work then they’re going to be nominated. Hiten says you cant allow them to sleep.

Vikas involves Aakash and asks him to attain reduction out. Shilpa says lights are off, right here isn’t very any longer time, its time to sleep. Vikas says I am loyal calling Aakash. Hina sings kabootar ja ja.. Hina says he mentioned that I modified into in uncomfortable health? it modified into first day

PRECAP- Arshi says to Shilpa that I spit at you, are you ineffective and mental woman and can have to soundless remain mental.
Sapna says to Arshi that I am no longer reacting, doesnt indicate she can issue anything, I will rep her face crimson with slaps from slipper. She charges at Arshi and says I wont spare you. Arshi glares at her too.
Hina says Arshi keeps asserting that I will crawl to reformatory because Vikas is backing her. Vikas says that you just can even very well be a ineffective person. Hina says that you just can even very well be the indolent one and dont work, I will crawl to reformatory nonetheless wont hear to you.
Friday ka faisla episode with anchors and critics will most definitely be aired the following day.

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